Effective Tips To Improve Your Website User Experience

2020-10-08 by Piyush Jain

Websites have become an important part and a necessity of any modern business from a small restaurant to a large enterprise. Given the multiple types of devices, i.e. phones, laptops, and tablets, user experience (UX) is playing a very important role. User Experience (UX) is how a user feels while interacting with your website. Factors influencing user experience are not just fonts, colors, layouts, and other visuals but the factors like purpose of the website, user base, device size, kind of tasks to be done by the user on the website, takeaways for users, and more. If you develop a website with several new features but don't have a good user experience, users will not stick to your website and your efforts will go to waste. It is important to enhance user satisfaction with a website by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the website.

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Tips to Improve User Experience

Reduce visual clutters

An excess amount of disorganized content can create visual clutter, it can affect the user experience as it distracts visitors from connecting with the actual content of the website. According to a study by Princeton University, when your environment is over-stimulated, your brain isn’t able to focus properly. In the same sense, visual clutter impedes communication. It is important to make sure all the content on the website has a purpose and also contributes to gain the visitor’s attention. For example, vibrant colors paired with immersive photography exudes energy and positivity, it also helps visitors to quickly and easily understand your organization.

Use of white space

White Space is nothing but the room between different elements on the layout like text, images, graphics, videos, buttons, and others. Having a reasonable amount of while space gives each element its visual focus and helps the user to navigate through contents, having more of which can make the page look empty, and having less white space can create visual clutter. Thus it is important to make use of white space wisely. For example, websites like Quip, Apple, Dropbox, OwlLabs, Squarespace, and many others use white space most effectively and remain at the top website designs list.

Optimize for mobile phones

Users visit a website using mobile phones rather than PC most of the time, and most of the searches in Google take place using mobile phones and tablets. It is important to make the website mobile-friendly i.e easily readable and viewable on mobile devices, otherwise, it becomes frustrating for a user to navigate through a website using a mobile phone. The key benefits of having a mobile-friendly website are that it helps the website to rank well for SEO, prevent users from abandoning the website, increases usability and many other benefits are aligned with a mobile-friendly website.

Check your site speed

The most common factor that influences the user experience is website speed, a user never wants to wait for more than a reasonable time for the page to load. It is important to make sure that the page loads quickly, the web hosting server plays an important role in the page load time. To check the page speed, Google provides a free tool called PageSpeed Tool that can check your page load time or website speed and you can optimize your website.

A clear call to action (CTA) 

Leading users to the right page or the desired section of the website on a click is one of the most important aspects of user experience, it is important to understand what a user wants by clicking a particular button. The most common reason for users to abandon a website is that sometimes they are directed to the wrong page or they face broken links by clicking a button. It is equally important to feature the CTA button with two important qualities that it should tell the user what to do and motivate them to do so. For example, Netflix’s home page has some of the best calls to action examples that show how to drive users to the correct destination on the site. Dollar shave club uses the “Get Started” button instead of using the “Try us” or “Join Now” formula to promote its free trial. Many examples show how to use CTA creatively and effectively.

Hyperlink differentiation

People usually identify links with blue colored and underlined text, it is important to make hyperlinked text to be easily identified because its main purpose is to make users click them. It is highly recommended to use several words instead of one or two to increase visibility. For example “To check out our website Click Here” Vs. “Check out our website here”. You can use Crazy Egg list report to get an overview of areas on your website that receive clicks, it will help you to make changes on the placement of clickable and hyperlinked elements.

Eliminate and customize 404s

A 404 response code is triggered whenever you click a link to load a page on your website that no longer exists or never existed, It is a signal to the website that the requested page does not exist. Users generally expect their search to land on any specific page and in case they come across a broken link they receive 404 response code, it is annoying and makes them rethink spending their time on your website when there are faster options available. Fixing 404s errors is a step forward in promising your users for a better user experience. Customizing your 404 response can be a great help in saving your user’s frustration, the best way is to provide them with space where they can let you know about the broken link. Kualo is a website that has a great customized 404 page that entertains users with its version of space invaders.

Note: To check if you have any 404 errors you can set up Google Webmaster tools on your website and check errors, There is also a free 404 error checker tool available to check 404 errors.

Bottom Line

It is impossible to keep users engaged with your website without covering several factors affecting the UX design. UX design is not just about designing nice visuals, you have to consider several factors like speed, mobile devices, flow, hyperlinks, navigation, and others. There are several benefits associated with great user experiences; it boosts interaction, helps in navigation, improves conversion rate, maximizes the use of resources, and more. It is important to make sure that you get the right UX team with the expertise to help you with this critical task to reap the benefits highlighted above.

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Piyush Jain

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