Best WooCommerce Hosting: 6 Plans That Make Sense For All Users (2020)

2020-10-07 by Hosting Clues

Today many hosting companies offer easy integration with CMS platforms. This saves your time and effort to manually install a site. With WordPress and WooCommerce, anyone can easily set up an E-store.

WooCommerce is the best choice for setting up an online store as it offers an array of features that makes your job easier. A special WooCommerce hosting plan offered by companies gives you complete transparency and reliability.

With specific comparison & reviews of web hosting in India, you'll be able to choose the best plugins and tools for your E-commerce site.

WooCommerce hosting offers many benefits over generic hosting plans, some of them are:

  • With WooCommerce hosting, you'll be able to set up an automated platform that'll give you complete flexibility to work on your online E-commerce store.
  • The hosting will provide you daily backups so that your data remains safe and secured.
  • With increased security features of the hosting plan, you'll be able to protect your complete user and data information.
  • You'll be able to take assistance through the tech and support staff for building your E-commerce website.
  • WooCommerce hosting will let you handle site maintenance and the complete setup process so you can focus on growth as well.
  • The hosting provides unique features that are not available with generic hosting plans.

6 Best WooCommerce Hosting plans that Make Sense for All Users (2020)

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is not only popular for basic web hosting but also the most preferred choice for WooCommerce. It offers special and affordable plans for WooCommerce with some amazing features.

Some dedicated features of Bluehost WooCommerce hosting are:

The plan offers a preinstalled version of WooCommerce and WordPress with a storefront theme. You'll also get the benefit of a free online setup call for WooCommerce hosting to get your store online.

The plan offers a dedicated IP address and a free SSL certificate on the plan. SSL certificate is important to keep your website safe from hackers and spammers. It also offers a CodeGuard backup system to keep the store's data safe. 

The setup process is simple as you can add new tools and products right away. With the custom hosting dashboard, it'll become easy to manage the performance of the site. You'll also get complete access to Cpanel for advanced tweaks.

The hosting plans offered by Bluehost hosting are not only affordable but also reliable. Opt for a starter plan with unmetered bandwidth and SSD storage. It starts at $6.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is the most affordable web hosting company that offers complete support and great performance. It offers special deals for WooCommerce hosting plans.

Some dedicated features of SiteGround WooCommerce hosting are:

The plan offers an integrated Cloud flare content delivery network (CDN) that provides speed to your E-com site. It offers PCI compliant servers of the highest tiers.

The plan offers Let's encrypt an SSL certificate that keeps the shopper's information safe. It also offers a free shopping cart for setting up your new E-com store. The plan also offers free backup restores with caching function.

SiteGround hosting lets you set up automatic plugin and theme for your site so you don't have to manually download the theme. You'll be able to add tools and products right away. The interface has many options, so you'll need time to understand.

The hosting plans offered by SiteGround are cheap and flexible. Opt for a starter plan that starts at $3. There are many premium WooCommerce plans offered by SiteGround that start at $11. If your budget is restricted, then this is the best option for you.

3. Liquid Web

As compared to other WooCommerce hosting plans, the Liquid Web WooCommerce hosting plan is a tad more expensive. But, the company offers amazing services and value-added plugins for the site.

Some dedicated features of Liquid Web WooCommerce hosting are:

The plan offers a free SSL certificate that helps to keep your website safe. It offers plugins from IconicWP, which offers great functionality to improve your E-store. The plan offers mobile optimization for all the pages of the site.

The setup process is easy that includes the option of Astra Pro Theme and Beaver builder page plugin. It also offers expert help that helps you to set up any part of the store. With the abandoned cart technology, you'll be able to engage more than 50 shoppers.

The hosting plan also offers an optional automated PCI compliance scan feature for your site.

With the plan, you'll be able to set up an added payment gateway and add new products. The best part about the plan is it lets you streamline the control panel that helps in easy access.

You'll be able to choose different plans from the hosting provider. The basic plan of the company starts at $19. The higher the scale of the plan, the more traffic you'll be able to handle for your E-store. The higher plans can go up to $999 per month.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is the most popular WordPress hosting company. DreamHost offers many plans supporting WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting. There is a separate WooCommerce hosting option for the E-store offered by DreamHost.

Some dedicated features of DreamHost WooCommerce hosting are:

The plan offers server-side protection against the traffic spikes, hacking and slow speed. It provides a storefront that is pre-installed and configured for optimal site performance.

The plan offers Vault Press backup support that protects your store's data. It offers up to three calls per month with a dedicated concierge support feature.

With DreamHost WooCommerce hosting plan, you'll get Jetpack Professional plugin free. The plugin includes some amazing store enhancing features like downtime monitoring, shipping rate calculations, and authenticated customer logins.

You'll get to work on your E-store right away after you sign up with DreamHost. As it offers a pre-configured WooCommerce setup, it won't take your time in setting up a new website. DreamHost also offers a unique control panel that includes many options and is easy to navigate.

DreamHost offers different WooCommerce hosting plans. As compared to Liquid Web, its much cheaper. The basic plan of the company starts at $16 per month. With 100K visitors, it goes up to $71 per month.

5. WP Engine

WP Engine is famous for WordPress hosting but it also offers WooCommerce hosting plans. WP Engine is best suited to E-com stores with high traffic. The hosting company offers an array of features that'll help to customize your website.

Some dedicated features of WP Engine WooCommerce hosting are:

The hosting plan offers integrated CDN support that helps in faster global performance. It also offers an automated backup feature that makes sure your site is safe and you never lose site data.

The plan offers free access to Genesis Framework and Studio Press Child themes that helps you to build a great WooCommerce E-store. It also offers a free SSL certificate that helps to secure your site data.

With WP Engine Woo-commerce hosting plan, you'll get access to build in a staging environment that tests the changes you make to your store before your site goes live.

It also offers a WP Engine toolkit that optimizes your store's performance. With key performance indicators, you'll get access to auto logout and one-tap payment. Its dashboard interface is simple to understand for a beginner.

WP Engine plan starts at $25 per month, its an entry-level plan. The company also offers custom plans and high tier plans based on your E-commerce site needs.

6. Kinsta

Kinsta offers a premium WooCommerce hosting plan that is powered by the Google cloud platform in its premium network. The infrastructure of Kinsta is optimized specially for E-commerce sites. It helps you handle huge traffic surges with speed-focused architecture.

 Some dedicated features of Kinsta WooCommerce hosting are:

The hosting plan offers an auto-scaling feature that uses unique software container technology so the allocation of resources to each site container is automatic. It offers different types of backups that include manual backup, one-click restore, and automatic backup every 24 hours.

The plan offers a free SSL certificate that can be installed with a single click. It offers a fast server level-caching feature that ensures proper WooCommerce functionality.

It also provides a customized site management dashboard that offers an easy interface. The one-click auto-installer feature saves time and effort.

The best part about Kinsta hosting is it lets you migrate with other plans. If you have an existing WooCommerce site with some other hosting company, it offers free white glove migration.

The company offers different tier plans that start at $30. The price may go up depending on the site traffic. The hosting company also offers optional add ons on hosting plans.

On a Final Note

DreamHost, WP Engine, and SiteGround are the three most popular hosting companies for WooCommerce hosting.

If you need to make your site premium and customize it with added plugins, then Liquid Web, Bluehost, and Kinsta would be ideal.

With so many WooCommerce specialized hosting plans, you'll be able to add plugins and tools to your E-store. Do choose a plan that helps to scale your e-commerce store so that you can maximize your sales.

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