What The Domain Name System (DNS) Is And How It Functions

2020-10-06 by Ardziv Simonian

While it may not be common knowledge for many internet users, DNS – the Domain Name System – is an important factor in how the Internet and websites function.

The purpose of DNS is to translate domain names into IP addresses - think of it like a phonebook for the Internet. We access websites using domain names whereas web browsers – computers, phones, tablets - use IP numbers to find websites. Each of these websites has a unique IP address and DNS translates these IP addresses to domain names (and vice versa) so browsers can load up Internet materials.

DNS means we don’t have to remember an IP address - made up of a long list of numbers such as – every time we want to visit a website.

Website Builder Expert have put together a new infographic (complete with animated server characters) explaining about DNS and how it functions:

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