How To Buy Hosting & Domain Name For Your WordPress Site?

2020-09-09 by Mashum Mollah

Before you start your WordPress site you will have to make sure that first, you are investing some time elsewhere. In the beginning, you will have to think about buying hosting/domain. Even though it is one of the easiest tasks, in the initial stages everything might seem very daunting. While you are buying hosting/domain there are a couple of other things that come wrapped around with the same. There are a few hosting companies like DreamHost, SiteGround, and Bluehost that WordPress recommends personally. 


In this blog, you will learn how to conduct hosting using the Bluehost client. As it is not possible for us to, g through all the other mentioned hosting companies. But as these have similar services, understanding how to use one, will help you with the others. I hope you are ready for the tour, and you are eager to learn about the hosting process. Also If You Looking For a Website Builder so Site123 is right option for you.


Bluehost as a platform

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting services providers. If you choose this service you will be offered four different plans. Additionally, you will get the tools, and features according to your plan that will help you to host a WordPress website comfortably. Not being very old, Bluehost already has over two million websites around the world. It was only launched in 2003 and in 17 years, still, a teen has made its global position. 


In the beginning, go for basic or plus plans as the other plans will be too heavyweight for you now. The rates are quite affordable as you can see from the Bluehost official website. 


How to use Bluehost for buying hosting/domain

To purchase hosting and the domain name from Bluehost, you will have to visit the hosting page in Bluehost from WordPress sites. On finding the plans, the one you like most, click select and confirm that plan. 


After this, you will have to follow a number of setups before you can successfully launch your website. This is a process that has to be completed before you pay for the service, as a formality. 


Let’s go through these points-


1. Making a new domain

The very first thing you will have to do is set up a domain name. Make sure that this is the same as your official website’s original address. When using Bluehost, you can use a domain that you already own or make a new domain name.

On the other hand, Bluehost will provide you with a completely free domain name for one year. 

Hence, it will be favorable for you to create a new domain. After you have decided upon a name, type it in the create new section and press next. If your domain name is not available Bluehost will provide you with similar choices.   


2. Create your account

After your domain name gets approved by Bluehost, the next step will be to create your account. The mentioned points below will be needed for making your account - Your Name - Name of your business - Address - Email address - Contact number


There will be other details that you will have to fill such as your zip code, state, city, etc. But you can avoid this long process just by pressing Google sign-in. This will help you to make your account that you can use later to manage your hosting. 


3.  Payment structure

Once the account is made, you can now choose the fee structure that you will follow to pay them. Rather, in this step, you will have to choose how long you choose to host your website.  If you choose a long-term plan, then you will have to pay less. But in case you want it for a shorter period of time, then you will have to consider paying more.

The fee structure of Basic 36 months

$2.95 per month i.e. $106.20 in total 24 months
$3.95 per month i.e. $94.80 in total 12 months
$4.95 per month i.e. $59.40 in total


However, you don’t have to think about overpaying while renewing the plan, as it will remain the same every time you renew your service. 


4. Other added services

After this, you can go down to the Package Extras, this section will have additional features. By paying some extra charges you will be able to activate any of the given extras alongside your plan. - SiteLock security worth $23.88 per year comes with protection against malware, basic spams, and blacklist scans. Sitelock security will ensure an increase in customer trust in your business. - Domain privacy protection for $11.88 every year, will come with hiding your personal information in the domain database of WHOIS. This will help keep your personal data and identity hidden from everyone. - Bluehost SEO tools are available for $23.88, payable yearly. This, as the names suggest, will provide you with more SEO tools. It will help you to keep an analytic eye on your website’s performance. - Office 365 mailbox, a Microsoft platform will be free for a month. This will include important emails, calendars, customer support 24*7, and lots of other elements. - Codegaurd backup can be purchased for $2.99 payable monthly. This feature will make a backup of your website every day. So that in case of emergencies it can be restored with one click. 


5.  Payment method

When you are done selecting all the features and plan that you need, you will have to make the payment. For making the payment you will have to choose your preferred method. Click submit only when you have checked all the details.

6. Make a password

After the payment is complete Bluehost will ask you to provide a strong password.

7. Login into Bluehost

After all the other mentioned steps are complete you will be able to provide your credentials and enter the Bluehost dashboard. Here you will be able to manage your account, make new sites, buy other domains, browse through other services, apps, and your cPanel.

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