Cloudera Makes The Data Platform Private Cloud Available For All

2020-09-04by Divyesh Aegis

Does Data Platform Private Cloud Available for All Cloudera

Data is one of the most important business entities in today’s times. Right from understanding the insights of the market to developing a new product, it is data that everybody can rely on. Being in the data-powered world removes the necessity of an intuitive decision-making process.

This is something that businesses had been following around for the longest amount of time.  For anything that happened including changes made to any marketing strategy or the idea of bringing on a new product onboard.

However, ever since data took the world by storm, companies have been harnessing it for several purposes. In fact, data is an asset that has helped companies see more than a few opportunities in today’s world.

Some of the questions that businesses seek to answer with data are

  1. What are the current market trends related to my business?
  2. Which of my products are fast selling in the market?
  3. Which has been the top customer segment for a particular product?
  4. What are the current market demands and how will they change in the future?
  5. Which stocks should I prepare for an upcoming sale?
  6. Which of the marketing strategies are yielding the best results in terms of conversions?

These are just a few of the questions that one can answer with data by their side. Moreover, businesses are ever-expanding on digital platforms and growing day by day. This is because customers are more scattered than ever. They love using different platforms and want a seamless experience across all.

Need for a Data Platform

To cater to the emerging demands of the customer, organizations are creating multiple touchpoints for the customer starting from retail to online platforms such as social media, web application, mobile application, and more.

In times when data has become more important than ever, businesses are becoming aware of data storing capabilities. Obviously, a cloud data management system is far better than maintaining a couple of relational databases and working upon them. This is where organizations need an enterprise cloud system.

An enterprise cloud system replaces the need for a traditional database which is only suitable for transactional processing. However, as a business grows, their demands also grow along with them and there’s more than mere transactional processing. This might be for analyzing data and performing a fully-fledged data analytics atmosphere.

While big businesses are able to gain an edge over the others by leveraging the latest technology and putting in investment towards it, it is the small and medium businesses that suffer. They have to compete for every little thing and prove themselves in the eyes of the customer. To accomplish this, however, data analytics becomes fundamental.

Cloudera Making Businesses Seamless

Cloudera is one solution that takes customer journeys to a new level by sorting out the processes at the backend. It is a one-stop enterprise data cloud solution that provides cloud-native services to manage and secure the entire lifestyle of business data. Right from the ingestion of data to experimentation and implementation of AI practices, Cloudera helps do everything.

While most businesses just see it as a data warehouse solution, Cloudera is in fact also an artificial intelligence-based solution. It helps build, deploy, and manage apps whose foundations lay in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Moreover, ever since the platform has announced the general availability of data platform private cloud, businesses are finding it difficult to keep calm. This is because the platform has more than a few features and improvements that can help ordinary organizations to respond to business needs much faster.

Using the Cloudera data platform private cloud has several benefits for IT teams who are looking for private container-based management tools. Using such a set of tools helps them reduce their time to deliver Big Data solutions that leverage data analytics and machine learning. 

The new policy is also a game-changer for enterprises that are looking forward to reducing data storage costs. It increases the server utilization up to 70 percent and at the same time reduces the data storage and data center overhead.

In fact, with Cloudera data platform private cloud, businesses can get more for less. Now that it has been generalized even small and medium businesses get up to 50 percent more analytics for the same investment.


Towards the end, Cloudera is one of the best platforms for managing your data for your business. With its generalization to all IT teams, even new entrants can think of competing in the market without a lot of investment. They can leverage the latest technologies and make the most of their businesses without any constraints.

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