How AI Is Helping In The Website Hosting Industry?

2020-09-03 by James Burns

Though the digital world has an interesting future, it plagues tons of threats too. The increase of cybercrimes, online virus infections, hacking attempts, phishing attacks, etc. have alarmed the IT sector time-to-time to create secure websites, apps, and software.


However, hackers have always been smart in finding the defects in the security solutions used by the host. These hackers use sophisticated technology techniques to silently enter into websites.


A normal user visiting your website and sharing data with you can’t protect these kinds of unfortunate events itself. However, a website hosting service provider can do this!


Website hosting companies take a lot of measures to protect every website they host. But, in the last few months COVID-19, cyberattacks have increased.


Today, the Twitter account of Indian Primeminister - MR. Narendra Modi got hacked!

Now, Twitter and its online hosting associates are under rounds of questions by the IT department of the Indian Government. The most known powerful politician is not safe from cyberattacks, then how can we be?


Is the website hosting industry really responsible for the safety and security of websites? And if yes, then how to advance that security level? Will an Artificial intelligence development company help in the website hosting industry?


These are some of the questions which we will answer today in our article, “How AI is Helping in the Website Hosting Industry?”


Before, that first let’s understand

What is Web Hosting Market & Artificial Intelligence?

We know that AI is transforming industries into smart industries worldwide, where the web hosting industry is in high spirits. AI benefits in many ways!


For example, it streamlines daily tasks performed by us, reduces workloads, and consistently improve the quality of services. Will AI add benefits to the web hosting industry?


You don’t know, then let’s learn about it!


What Is Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting makes the website accessible everywhere on the internet. The types of web hosting services are shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, Reseller hosting, etc.


A web hosting service company provides technologies and services to develop a website, maintain the website, and manage its security lifetime. Such companies provide hosting plans to the website owners.


Each plan has different features in it. Google it to understand the features in hosting plans!


We have to discuss AI too!


What is Artificial Intelligence?

You may not know, but our lives are becoming more AI-driven. When human intelligence is simulated by machines and computer systems, we get AI (Artificial Intelligence).


AI is focused on collecting diverse data about a particular situation, using reasoning, self-correction rules, and a set of functions to derive an intelligent result that helps in making more profits.


In 2018, the AI became worldwide and hasn’t stopped then!


Right now AI is making deep changes in the web hosting industry trends like security, maintenance, deployment, performance, traffic management, and more.


Thus, using AI in the web hosting service market means making insightful decisions, saving money, manpower, and time to provide the best hosting services.


There are hundreds of ways in which AI can help us. It enhances automation, performs tedious tasks, does smart weather forecasting, and provides zero scopes of errors.


Also, AI finds out the potential threats with its predictive capabilities and alerts us if it encounters anything suspicious!


This way it helps in improving, managing, and controlling the various businesses, systems, machines via its reasoning skills, problem-solving skills, data collection, learning, and perception.

How Artificial Intelligence Benefits Web Hosting Industry?

Trends in AI & Cloud Hosting is setting up the Future for the web hosting industry. The combination of Cloud and AI is an inevitable platform for entrepreneurs and organizations.


In the website development industry, the average use of AI is to make effortless hosting services. While for the users, the AI is meant to provide security to the website.


Also, AI helps in the automatic designing of the website pages. You can check several 3D websites that have a great layout. Furthermore, AI helps in better server management and enhanced security.


However, many think AI is tricky because it processes personal data, and sell that data to the third parties. But, I don’t think that is the real scenario!


For website hosting providers, advanced technologies like AI, ML, Big Data, etc. are a tool to boost the user experience and provide them the best services.


Many of the AI-based web design services are responsible to create better products than human designers can make. Therefore, investing in AI is definitely a thing to consider!


And the hosting providers must use it if they wish to get the following benefits:


l  More time to increase productivity

l  Stable performance during fluctuations

l  Better customer experience

l  Take security to the next level

l  Using data to generate reports

l  Improved accuracy over some time

l  Improve Domain performance

l  Provide self-repairing systems

l  Boost server performance by predicting traffic

l  AI manage server resources efficiently

l  Provides domain name protection

l  Complex AI software can tackle issues like applying upgrades, optimizing customizations and fixing problems

l  Examines different patterns of cyber attacks to secure websites and customer information


Now, what do you think? Isn’t AI making web hosting effortless with better security, more uptime, and ease of management?


Yes, the AI and web hosting is a new collaboration, it has limitations too to its current extent! But, that will soon unlock in the hosting industry.


AI is no more science fiction and is continuously increasing its spectrum of sectors to healthcare, education, security, retails, finance, and more.

Final Conclusion

Ai has become an integral part of web hosting!


Like human intelligence, this advanced technology is continuously and constantly growing while collecting, evaluating, and processing different types of data sets to make the most effective actions in the website hosting market.


Due to the lack of professionals and novel technology like artificial intelligence, web hosting services across many nations suffer. As a result, cyber threats keep on happening. But if you have AI in your one hand, then taking proactive actions is always seamless.


Besides, the AI’s increasing capabilities offer reliable, real-time, and data accurate support to the website hosting companies increasing performance, security, backup, uptime, website features, and business profit.


What if your take on AI in the website hosting business? Do mention them in the comment section below!

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