5 Negative SEO Factors That Are Hurting Your Website

2020-09-02by SEO Agency India

One of the highly controversial topics in the SEO environment is negative SEO. There are a lot of theories around this subject, and everyone fears it. But how do you make sure which of these factors are accurate and are actually hurting your website presence?


What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is a compilation of certain online activities that impact your website rankings in the search engine results. These activities include building spammy backlinks, unnatural links to your website, content plagiarism, spam commenting, and even website hacking.


In this article, we will look at some of these negative SEO Services that you must be aware of -


1. Keyword stuffing

2.  Spamming

3.  Copying content

4.  Bad redirects

5.  Hidden text


Let's see them in detail -


1.  Keyword stuffing

Adding an excessive number of keywords on your web page can ruin the overall reputation of your website in front of both the website crawlers and your potential audience. Search engines value those websites that have genuine content displayed on it, in a relevant and engaging way. Adding excessive keywords on your website will hamper the user experience, and they will bounce back from your website. Also, the web crawlers might end up getting confused and reduce your rankings. The ideal practice is to add 2% keywords based on the word count of the content on your site.


2.  Spamming

Spamming covers everything that seems fishy and unnatural as far as SEO is concerned. For example, leaving a thousand comments promoting your website on a blog which is exceptionally irrelevant to your niche area will signal Google to reduce your website rankings ultimately. This activity is spam. You must avoid spams at any cost! Do not indulge and allow spam at any price or else; you will get caught.


3.  Copying content

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited! If you copy content which is already on the internet, word to word, Google will find your website, and it will penalise it for low value and unoriginality. Not only copying content is unethical and unprofessional; it can have a long-lasting negative impact on your website.


4.  Bad redirects

Bad redirects are when you send a visitor to a different website than the one they initially clicked on. For example, if your anchor text reads "Cheap Switzerland Travel Packages" and it takes the visitor to a spammy. Music download website. This sends a bad signal to the search engine, increasing your bounce rates.


5.  Hidden text

This is one of the most executed negative SEO practices. Many webmasters add a bunch of keywords to the website's source page and change its font colour to white, thinking this way they could manipulate website rankings. But this is not the case! Google is not stupid. Instead, when caught, Google will further decrease your website to block your site from showing in the search results eventually.



There is no rigid list of negative SEO factors. However, Google does warn you from executing certain activities that might negatively hurt your website. This is why you must beware of every SEO practice, their does and don'ts to ensure that your website does not suffer low rankings, and your SEO efforts reap the desired results. You can take on this challenge by yourself, or you can hire a best SEO Services Company in Gurgaon that has strict policies and guidelines that they follow for SEO, which are against any kind of negative SEO and other malpractices.

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