Best Hosting For SEO In 2020

2020-08-25 by Daryl Spector

In the year where the coronavirus pandemic has forced us into our homes, gone are the days that we can safely step outside our homes without the proper protective equipment. Because of the health risks, we are now more reliant on technology to communicate and perform our daily activities such as buying our necessities. Working from our homes is now considered a norm as well. For businesses, owning a website is now made more important to gain the needed audience in the year where movement is more limited than ever. For a website to remain among the top of a search engine’s results, it is important that the site should be hosted by a reliable web hosting provider that will give quality service so that the site can be successfully viewed by all interested clients.  You should try and contact a hosting provider that has a server near your area and speak to an SEO company before making a final decision.

For example, if you are in St. Louis, MO, you should contact a seo agency in the St Louis area to discuss what they feel may be the best hosting for your website. Below we do a rundown of some of the best web hosting providers for the year 2020 in case you would like to launch your own website for a business in this time of the coronavirus pandemic.


Among web hosting providers, DreamHost is one of the most known for many reasons. The company utilizes fast SSDs to store all of its data, grants a free SSL certificate for its clients for their sites to be more secure, and also gives SSH access if the client wishes for more control on their site. This flexibility in control is made possible since they operate their own control panel. Unlike most sites, they are also transparent about their offers. Their rates are concise and well-explained so that the user has a definite idea of what services their website is getting for the price that they are paying. On top of that, they also promise a 97-day money-back guarantee. If a client has any queries, they are reachable via live chat from their site.


Clients looking for wide availability of options for plans they can choose can look up Hostinger as their provider to go. Despite offering plans at lower price points, clients can rest assured that all their plans will come with some degree of SSH access, dedicated IP, and good SSD performance. The company also performs regular backups for the data of their clients. Among other hosting providers, Hostinger offers some of the cheapest deals which can reach even less than $1 a month for the first year.  They also provide 30-day refunds without any questions asked on their end.

InMotion Hosting

Business website owners that want quality for much lower prices can check out InMotion’s lower-end plans which start at just $2.95 and still come with free SSH access and backup. This hosting provider is well-known due to its all-SSD infrastructure which offers site migration from another instance. WordPress is also integrated into their platform. Aside from that, they also have free malware detection. In terms of customer support, they can be contacted thru their ticketing system via email and live chat. As a testament to their service, they promise 90-day refunds for customers who change their mind. For those who stay with the company, however, they reward them with discounts, especially in the long run.



In terms of completeness of the roster of plans available to choose from, look no further than HostGator for your website hosting needs. Regardless of the need for a startup company or a demanding corporation, HostGator has the services to run your website. The company is among the few to offer both Linux and Windows hosting, allow site developers to customize their server, and equip servers with faster drivers if the need arises. The company is also well-known for its regular backups and uptime monitoring. Lastly, customers can rest easily knowing that the company offers a 45-day refund in case they change their minds about the service.

While it is true that there are several web hosting providers that offer an ensemble of plans, you can take one step at a time to assess for yourself based on your website’s needs, traffic, and budget. There are many providers in countries around the world that can fit your needs.

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