Why to Select WooCommerce For Your E-Store?

2020-08-12by Sanjay Ghinaiya

There are many options in the market available when you are introducing an online store or migrating to other frameworks in your existing business. Every business has a specific need at various phases hence you need to choose the right tool, platform, and resources to address the diverse requirements of your online business. WooCommerce is a popular option that allows you to make an informed decision if it fits well with your business.

Let’s have a detailed overview of WooCommerce and the factors you need to consider before opting for this platform.

What is WooCommerce?

It is a WordPress tool that allows you to run a fully-functional and highly feature-full e-commerce store. If you want to know if it addresses your business needs, you should assign a budget, develop business plans, and select the right skills when choosing your e-commerce platform. There are a bunch of benefits and setbacks in WooCommerce just like any other tool.

Factors to Consider before Selecting WooCommerce

Below are the aspects to consider, whether it is the right solution for your business:

1. Launch

The best option to select WooCommerce is when you already have a WordPress website. This will becomes easy to use WooCommerce. Otherwise, you need to learn the platform when you select another platform, and if you do not already have a website. For this, you have to have a host, use WordPress, and install WooCommerce. You may have limited technical expertise in case you are trying to develop an altogether new website without having any experience. For this, you may hire WooCommerce Development Company India. As the entire process could be time-consuming. It’s best to opt for WooCommerce if you already have a WP website.

2. Customization

WooCommerce provides you with endless customization flexibility as it is open-source. The native features proficiently manage the content-oriented site. Some of the examples for content-heavy sites are marketing websites, bloggers, and subscription services. The e-commerce companies that have complicated and comprehensive catalogs would prefer to have premium plugins for better and improved functioning. You may have to shell off some decent amount to get such premium plugins if you opt for any other tool to launch your website. But with WooCommerce you can get it all in-built without any additional cost associated with them.

3. Migration

You will first need to find customers, export the entire data, invoices, and products catalog if you want to migrate from your existing software to WooCommerce, Next step is to import the existing data into your newly built new store on WooCommerce. This is a knowledge-based task, better to hire WooCommerce Developer offering quality WooCommerce Development Services. If you are not that aware of WordPress CMS, data transfer could become a tiring and difficult work for you. You need to invest the appropriate effort, time, and manpower to go live on the date already assigned as most of the tasks are hands-on.

4. Data Control

The security must be air-tight and also the priority for any e-commerce or website. Similar is the case with the online stores as in addition to holding the customers’ transactions you also have to secure their crucial data. You need to get an added plugin for your WooCommerce site as there is no such security associated with this tool. For this, you have to get PCI-DSS compliance for your site and also SSL certification. The key point of having an open-source is that you can access basic data as per your convenience and can use it anywhere. So, you need to consider if you need premium security or an in-built one! If premium security is your concern you may also get it from additional plugin still using WooCommerce.

5. Maintenance

To maintain your e-store is your top priority in addition to the extensive communication and ultimate control. This would result in companies facing maintenance issues like server crashes, troubleshooting, bug fixes, etc. that they need to resolve at your level. Hence, for companies looking for a continuous revenue flow, WooCommerce is the right choice for them due to its flexibility and customization features.

6. Cost

You also need to decide if you want to opt for a fixed cost option or not. The hosting, domain, and payment gateway are all available at a fixed cost. If you are a small business this could be an upfront cost for your e-business. Premium themes, maintenance costs, and plugins would be the variables. This may not be the right option for you if you are just experimenting with your product and testing the market. However, if you plan for a long-term goal, WooCommerce is the best bet for you. This is because it will be comparatively cheaper to a hosted substitute. After all, you do not have to pay for every invoice.


Finally, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a long list of complex requirements or other integration needs, you need to have e-commerce focused on a more robust alternative. WooCommerce works well for those small or medium businesses that have a small product roster with a content-oriented website or a few dozen products that drive traffic through rich content. Always remember to venture into the market after having a good idea of your plan. Frequently hoping to new CMS or frameworks could be a tiring and expensive process, so have a clear idea where you want to see your business in the next three to five years and then select the right tool.

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