What Is IoT And Why Does It Matter To You And Your Biz

2020-08-01by Regina Thomas

Currently, the world is undergoing the IT revolution, which is affecting the daily running of businesses. There are numerous technological innovations every day that affects our lifestyle and everyday lives. As a business owner, this is the most appropriate time to capitalize on the emerging technological revolution. 

Yes, big data analytics are establishing their command across various industries. There has been the gradual implementation of technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. However, it is the Internet of Things that is rapidly gaining importance in the current world of technology. But what is the internet of things?

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of things is a network of physical objects or things that are embedded with software, electronics network connectivity, and sensors which allows and facilitates these objects in data collection and exchange. For instance, anything that has an on and off switch can be classified as the internet of things. Thus, your light switches, water meters, thermostat, among others are examples of the Internet of Things.

Also, the internet of things can be described as the relationship people have among themselves, the relationship between people and things as well as things and things related. Soon, anything that can be connected will be connected. This means that it is tough to operate a business without incorporating the idea of the Internet of Things. Therefore, how can the Internet of Things Impact your Business?

1. Helps in Tracking and Management of the Inventory

Perhaps your Business deals with warehousing and storage. In this case, you may be facing issues related to inventory tracking and management. Such problems include the inability of your personnel to resolve matters regarding the inventory. You shouldn't worry! What you need in your Business is the Internet of Things. By incorporating IoT inventions, you will be able to track and manage invention through controlled and automated options. 

For instance, you can install a cell signal booster to your IoT cellphone repeaters as it can help in managing your inventory. You only need to install IoT software in your warehouses and storage units. The Internet of Things will manage all your inventory as your employees handle other demanding tasks.

2. Enables you to know your customers better

All businesses usually have a common goal- to offer satisfactory customer service. There is no better way to achieve this than knowing your customers' behavior. Well, with IoT software you can study the behavior of your customers such as their shopping preferences, when they make purchases, sleep pattern, their activities among many other things. 

Then, you can use the information derived from that data to formulate policies that can lead to the satisfaction of your customers. If an IoT app can help you access prime data concerning your customers, why not install it? It is the only way you can make products that meet customer satisfaction. In so doing, your Business will expand as you venture into new markets and business opportunities.

3. Automation of the Business Operations

For a business to succeed, it must be in a position of executing operations faster and effectively. There is no sure way of achieving this than the use of the Internet of Things as it allows the automation of redundant and mundane tasks. In every Business, there some tasks that don't require human intervention. Then, you can automate those tasks through the use of Internet of Things. This allows your personnel to focus on other tasks that need maximum human efforts. IoT can help you to execute any task with ease.

With the automation of the Business activates, productivity and efficiency can increase. It also means that more can be done in less time, which does not only reduce the error margin but also saves on the cost of production. Reduced cost of production and increased production increases the profit margin of your company. You only incur the cost of maintaining your devices regularly to ensure that they effectively function.

The above are some of the ways in which the Internet of Things can impact your Business. However, technology is still evolving, which means that IoT will have more to offer to your business soon as more technology is added to it. Nevertheless, your business needs the implementation of IoT to increase its speed, productivity, and efficiency.

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