Python Frameworks And Libraries To Use In Your Next Application

2020-07-28 by Mahipalsinh Rana

A lot of business people are stepping forward to being digital, and for that purpose, they are availing services like Enterprise Application Development, Mobile App Development, and Web Development. The main reason to move digital is to give maximum digital exposure for their business and spread their business worldwide. Moving to digital has proved to be an excellent choice for most of the business owners as it gives them an increased chance of expanding their business and to increase their business revenue. A lot of enterprises are also considering going digital to expand their business. They are availing Enterprise App Development to manage their Enterprises. 

With enterprise App Development and enterprise Portal Development, business management has become a lot easier than before, as the business owners can manage almost anything for their business right from the portal or mobile app they have got developed.

Those portals and mobile applications can be built with a lot of technologies available in the market. Among them are Python, Java, Liferay, Drupal, Spring Boot, and a lot more such technologies. But, most business people prefer Python and Liferay Development for their business as those both technologies are suitable to most businesses and enterprises. 

A lot of people are choosing Python Development because of its versatility and a lot of people are choosing Liferay Development because of its omnipotent features. Liferay itself is a framework of Java, while Python is a programming language and there are a lot of frameworks of Python that can be helpful to your business. We will discuss such Python frameworks that can change your business process and grant you with simple and user-friendly applications that are easy to use. 

So, here are those Python frameworks you should choose for your next business application development. 


Django is the popular Python framework widely used everywhere. Django is a high-level Python-based framework to build high-end backend applications that seamlessly manage your business and grant you the ease of managing your business. The main reason why people love Django is that it is open-source and efficient. Django can make almost any work possible with lesser time and without spending any money on the license to use it. 

Django applications can be deployed quickly as it requires minimum coding. A lot of libraries are already available for many functions, so you can save on development time as well as the costs. So, you can hire Django Developers to build a mobile application for your business too.


CherryPy is another Python framework to build small scale to medium-scale business applications. With CherryPy, object-oriented Python programming is possible which boosts the application development time and provides you with faster project deployment. CherryPy framework includes mostly CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). CherryPy framework is ideal for such basic applications that require just basic CRUD functions. It can be used for basic school management projects, retail software, or anything that requires basic functionalities to read, write, update, and delete data. 

You can hire Python developers or PyCherry developers to build such applications and digitalize your business and its workflow. 


PyTorch is rather a Python library to enable machine learning within your application. If your project is high-end and requires complicated tasks, then you can use the PyTorch library to enable Machine Learning in your project and make those tasks simpler. With Machine Learning you can reduce manual tasks and replace it with Machine Learning based tasks. High-end eCommerce websites mostly use Machine Learning to learn user behavior and provide users with a personalized experience. 

You can opt for PyTorch development if your application is a high-end and requires learning from the user inputs and user behavior. You can hire PyTorch developers to build such an application for your business and make it Artificially Intelligent. 


Kivy is another Python library to develop a beautiful front-end for your mobile application. Whether it is Android application or iOS application, you can use the Kivy code in both the applications. Just note that the Kivy framework is not used for any CRUD tasks or for any backend functions. It will be solemnly used just to design frontend for your mobile application. With Kivy a lot of businesses have designed user-friendly and intuitive mobile application front-end. 

You too can design an intuitive and beautiful front end for your mobile application by hiring Kivy developers and lure the users with beautiful front-end of your mobile application.


If you are looking to develop dynamic web pages, then you should choose the Web2Py framework for your project development. The Web2Py framework supports code editor, debugger, and other deployment tools with which, dynamic web development is possible. A lot of businesses that require dynamic websites and has dynamic content on the webpages, use the Web2Py framework. It has got a lot of libraries that reduced coding time and costs so a lot of businesses and developers choose this framework.

With Web2Py, you can develop dynamic webpages and websites with dynamic content. If you are looking for such a project, then you can hire Web2Py developers who can build a dynamic web application for your business.


Flask is quite a popular Python-based micro-web framework to develop basic to mid-range applications. Flask does not require any specialized software or libraries, so it is quite simple and easy to use. The main advantage of the Flask framework is its built-in server development and unit test support. So you can develop a server with this Flask framework and even unit test your modules to make sure the application is developed in the right way. Many developers choose the Flask framework when the project requirement is in mid-range. 

A lot of Flask developers are available on the outsource market who can develop your project with accuracy and within time and budget.


So, these were Python frameworks for mobile application development which can bring a positive impact to your project and provide you with excellent project development experience. So, based on your requirement and budget, you can choose any of the Python frameworks to develop your project. And remember, when you use Python for your Application Development, you are always at the benefit. So whether it is portal development or it is web application development, you can always consider Python for it. You can hire Python developers at pocket-friendly costs who can transform your business workflow by provisioning you with great business applications.

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