Tips For ECommerce Web Design & Functionalities That Will Drive Sales

2020-07-23 by Varun Bhagat

This is indeed a universal truth that a good looking website plays an important role in the success of your business. So it could be said that good web design of the website may help to drive sales. If you do not focus on the design of the website then it may affect your success to some extent.

When it comes to eCommerce websites, it’s all about functionality, features, and design. The right mixture of them and your eCommerce will flourish. Poor websites never do the job they are made for. Take a look at this great post from the guys from AirDesigns listing 100+ ecommerce features that your store must have. What's more, you can calculte how much your eCommerce development cost will be.

And talking about the ecommerce web design, let me tell you that this is the widely used platform these days. People will never spend their time and money on an ecommerce site if it does not look good. So user interface plays the most important role in this field.

There is no doubt that many Web design models exist on the Internet and new models are increasing expeditiously. EC is not just about doing business over the Internet, it is about changing the way companies do business. It is about creating new business models while transforming traditional ones.

Now, it's time to follow some of the tips for eCommerce web design that may help to drive sales. Basically i would like to discuss some strategies which may help to decide a good ecommerce web design. Have a look at them:

Keep it Simple

One of the major things that should be taken into consideration while making website design is to always remember to keep it simple. 

Especially when you are planning to create an ecommerce web design, always keep it simple as this would be better. As the complexity of the website will lack in the interest of the customers and this will result in the down fall of the sale. 

There is no need to add unnecessary features like bells and whistles. Instead of this, it would be better if you keep on focussing on your sale. 

Think like your Customer

This is one of the most serious concerns. Yes, in order to understand your audience, you need to think like them. Only then you may come to know what they actually want. Well, this is not difficult as there are just a few things which your customers want such as a site that’s easy to navigate, well-designed, and makes the process of shopping easy, straightforward, and hassle-free.  And if you want your ecommerce shop to succeed, you’d better give them those things.

In other words, i just can say that you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes so that you can understand their needs and wishes well. When you think like your customer, you can anticipate what they want from your ecommerce store—and then design your site in order to meet those needs.

Use High-Quality Images

This is another thing that should be taken into consideration while getting your ecommerce website designed. You are required to use attractive and high quality images on your website design so that it may attract lots of customers. 

No one is going to buy a product sight unseen. If you want people to buy your products, you need to show them what they’re buying via high-quality product images.

You need to add professional and good looking images of all products so that they can attract customer’s attention. This is very important for the customer’s satisfaction and confidence. But if there are no images of the product they want to buy (or just a single, low quality image), they’re going to feel more hesitant to make the purchase—and your conversions are going to tank as a result.

Add a Rating Section

This will be super amazing as adding a rating section will help to increase customer’s satisfaction. When customers will see other customer’s reviews and ratings whether they are good or bad then this will help a lot to buy a product. Add a testimonials section where you feature customer photos with a quote or two about what a great experience they had working with you. Ask customers to review your products—and what they like about them—and then add them to your blog.

So, I can just  say that adding this section will help your customers a lot in taking initiative for shopping with full confidence. The more your website visitors see that other people have had a positive experience shopping on your site (whether that’s through reviews or testimonials) the more trustworthy you’ll appear—and the more your conversions will go up as a result.

Now there are some strategies also which you can follow and those are explained below:

Informational/communicational Strategy

In the informational/communication strategy, the Web is used to support but not to replace a company’s main business activities. Companies do not limit themselves to just marketing on the Web. As a matter of fact, they look at other traditional media of advertising and marketing study in order to meet their business goals and marketing objectives. Looking at Web marketing as another tool in the company’s marketing arsenal, informational /communicational design is the most common use of Web marketing today.

On-line/transactional Strategy

The on-line/transactional strategy invariably provides an electronic catalog of products for sale. Visitors can browse through the catalog and order products online. Although the informational/ communicational design often provides an electronic catalog as well as ordering information (e.g. by phone, fax, or e-mail), it does not support on-line transactions. Without on-line ordering Web database capability, it hardly exploits the potential of the Web as an interactive medium. 

The on-line/transactional strategy is what most proponents of marketing on the Web expect. Griffith and Krampf indicated that the ability to enhance a company’s overall sales was a significant decision factor to establish a Web site.

Final Words

Well i have tried my best to explain various parameters which are necessary for selecting the ecommerce web design. This is  compact but useful information and can help you while deciding your ecommerce web design & functionality. 

Apart from these parameters, there is one more major thing that is, a good eCommerece development company in India which plays an important role in making a good deal because you can best service from India keeping in mind the budget as well as the quality.

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