12 Risks To Avoid During E-Commerce Website Development

2020-07-20 by Mike David

There are some severe threats that you have to evaluate before launching your e-commerce business online. Never ignore the risks that can happen to your e-commerce site while setting your target, budget, and business strategies. As risks are connected with any business forever, so you need to pay attention before it gets too late and address them. 

However, for this, you need to contact an expert Web Developer Dubai who specializes in risk management in eCommerce websites. Yes, he can help you manage your website’s risks without any hassle.

Hence, the list is long if we compile all the threats, but most of them include data theft, site hacking, and scams, etc. Here are 12 risks that can damage your online business. So, we are going to mention them along with their solutions so that you can know how to tackle them. 

1. Guide Workers About E-Commerce Risk:

A risk can happen based on the policies, practices of detecting scams, strategies, avoiding security features, and the kinds of products you offer. 

Every individual in your business should be familiar with the risks connected with online transactions and be capable of handling and following the SOPs regarding risk management you set.

2. Ensure Payment Security: 

The knowledge of effective risk management can help you to understand commerce frauds, risks, and liabilities. To save yourself and your customers from such fraud and dangers, you should hire a reputed company for making transactions. 

Only a first-class payment processing company can provide you with proper payment security options. Another thing to take care of is to organize your customers’ data accurately and then protect it from any data breaches.

3.  Make The Right Website Content:

Some key things, like privacy, shipping, return, and refund policies, should prominently display on the website. It should be dependable and offer customers easy and hassle-free navigation.

Moreover, the website’s footer should have the links to these policies which need to be present on every page.

4. Protection Of Information Used For Sales Order: 

You can address several risks when you have a well-designed process of the sales order. You should make sure that your site’s security entirely protects your sales order form or field, and no customer info will be leaked out. 

You should also verify all the cardholders’ information and their cards if the payment is made via banks.

5. Avoid The Structure Of Internal Fraud: 

Avoid fraud chances based on internal strategies and keep full control of the successful e-commerce website. A structure with risk management combined with sufficient business controls helps you to avoid fraud-related losses.

6.  Build A Screening Process:

When satisfactorily executed, online cards’ screening can assist you in reducing frauds for a considerable amount of high-risk exchanges.

7. Merchant Account Protection From Intrusion: 

By putting the proactive procedure in practice, you can lower the risk of unwanted hackers. They access your payment gateways or shopping cart to make fraudulent fund deposits.

8.  Verify Secure Code:

To avoid fraud, increase the safety and security by asking the customers to confirm their password during checkout.

9.  Secure Authorization Process: 

Ensure that the authorization requests are submitted safely and efficiently before you start accepting card payments through your web-based business. 

For this, before executing an order, you need to develop a process for handling approved and rejected authorizations.

10. Compliance With PCI: 

Web-based merchants are given standard procedures and tools for protecting sensitive account information by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS). 

You will need strong encryption capabilities for data transmission and strong internal controls for protecting stored cards and cardholders’ information. It should be your prime responsibility to monitor and review your security measures regularly.

11.  Unnecessary Chargebacks Removal: 

You can arrange some specific procedures to stay away from future chargebacks by tracking and handling chargebacks vigilantly. 

Chargebacks may result in taking away your revenue and profits and extra processing costs and time.

12.  Everyone’s Collective Efforts: 

You can develop your collection service or ask a third-party to use theirs to make it easier to recover unwarranted chargeback losses.

Wrapping Up!

Running a profitable eCommerce website is not as easy as it seems. Luckily, there are many ways to expand your sales, including safe and secure online ordering to keep your customers happy. 

To avoid all the risks mentioned above, hire a professional Freelance Web Developer Dubai. He will provide you with all the necessary measures so that your customers often come back to your website.

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