4 Reasons To Move To QuickBooks Hosting In 2020

2020-04-22 by Neha Srivastava

The accounting industry has evolved a lot and moved to an advanced technology where accountants have now become more tech-savvy to accomplish their accounting operations. To compete in the accounting era, they always need to stay ahead, become more productive, and pace up their accounting processes.

Many accounting professionals prefer using QuickBooks to simplify their tasks. No doubt, QuickBooks is one of the most reliable and best accounting software in the accounting world.

However, there are few limitations in the desktop-based QuickBooks software; some of them are accessibility of accounting data when required, regular software updates, advanced security, and many more that can be easily overcome by hosting QuickBooks on the cloud.

Cloud technology implementation with the QuickBooks software is an excellent start for most firms to attain an expected outcome and also, to stay always ahead in the accounting market. The world has moved to cloud technology due to its features, unbeatable benefits, its effectiveness, and efficiency, and accounting industry is not far behind.

Here are the top 4 reasons to choose QuickBooks cloud hosting in 2020.

1. Unrestricted Accessibility

In the accounting industry, the clients want their accountant to be available all the time on the call to update their data. Well, that is not practically possible for any accountant as they also have to complete their other professional tasks and have to manage their personal life as well. Sometimes, for many accounting firms, instant update on the workflow is also important to serve their clients better.

QuickBooks Hosting eliminates problems such as going to an office to work on the accounting data, sitting with the desktop to file taxes, finding and updating the data via emails back and forth.

QuickBooks on the cloud makes the accountants free to do accounting from anywhere, at any time, they need to log in from any device on the cloud with the correct credentials and can start work. Real-time access to data improves productivity, and also the transparency of the outsourcing process becomes more evident.

2. Advanced Level Security

Accounting process and its data are very critical for any firm. In the local setup of QuickBooks Software, the data moves from hand to hand through hard drives; so breaching and theft of the information is possible that can lead the firm to compromise in many terms; if it falls in the wrong hand. To secure the data, accountants always need to keep it close to the chest.

On the other hand, Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud can offer a great deal in terms of security. It provides the latest level of protection, such as multi-factor authentication, data encryption, access control, multiple firewalls, and many more. Also, in case of any natural disaster or malfunction in the system, the data is secure on the cloud and can be quickly recovered in no time as it is replicated on many other servers.

3. Add-ons Compatibility

Accountants, CPAs, and tax firms need a lot of third-party add-ons such as Avalara, Tsheets, Bill.com, and many more to accomplish their accounting operations. They are separate software that needs to integrate with QuickBooks to make the process of accounting more simple, faster, and accurate.

Integrating the add-ons with QuickBooks on the local set up requires proper storage space and installation to make it work out.

Hosted QuickBooks can easily integrate with third-party software without the worry of the storage issues and need not require the installation process. The cloud service provider will take care of it and integrate all the business add-ons with QuickBooks to accomplish the accounting process and makes it easier and faster.

4. Budget-Friendly

Accounting firms and tax preparers use QuickBooks to manage their client’s finances efficiently. At the same time, they always make sure that their finances will be managed properly as well. They need to spend a lot of funds on the IT infrastructure, local systems, storage of hard drives, and to manage it, they need IT experts as well. It takes a lot of costs for any business to maintain it.

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud can eliminate all the IT expense as the cloud service provider will take care of it. QuickBooks hosting provider has a dedicated team that will work on updating the server resources as required by the client. It leads to savings of cost in terms of purchasing and maintaining the server. It also helps them to focus and improve their billable hours.

The Bottom Line

QuickBooks on cloud is packed with numerous benefits that are huge for accountants, CPAs, and accounting firm. It is undeniable that it has many perks that include uptime, data security, scalability, reliability to all sizes of businesses. A cloud solution will help accounting professionals to stay ahead and make their work more productive. And hence, better productivity leads to a better ROI for any accounting firm.

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