Top 5 Free Best Web Hosting Trend You Should Know In 2020

2020-04-13by Ariana Smith

When you are looking for a web hosting platform, you need to be careful about the type of services they provide. There are some of the web hosting platforms that fill your website with unnecessary ads that make your site look free, increase server stress on your website, and create performance issues.


There are even some of the Webhosting platforms that provide a trash level of security just to reduce their server expenses. While choosing a hosting platform, you need to make sure that you are going for the best hosting platform for your website.


Here I am for that reason only. I have come up with the top web hosting trends that you should know before going for a web hosting platform in 2020.


What to look in a web host

While looking for the web hosting solution, these are things that you must consider.

  • Which operating system does it support?

Let me remind you, not all the web hosting platforms support all kinds of operating systems. There are some which provide hosting for the Linux only and then there are some which provide hosting for the windows operating system only.


So, make sure to confirm that the web hosting you are choosing to provide its support to your operating system or not.


  • Does it provide enough storage and bandwidth?

The second most important thing is that your hosting platform is able to provide you with the right amount of hosting space and enough bandwidth for your site to load faster. If there are issues with any of these two, it is better to look for a new web hosting platform.


  • Does it allow WordPress and CSS?

WordPress and CSS are common installations for your website. We all know that more than 36 % of the website all over the world are on the WordPress platform. And CCS is the extension that helps to customize the website at a deeper. So, it might happen that you are going to need these two in the future (if you are not using it as of now).


  • What kind of controls it has?

The web hosting you are taking for your website must have easy to use user interphase. If the interphase is complicated, you won’t be able to understand how does it work. Hence, there are chances that you will make a mistake that can damage your website.


  • What are the terms and policies?

You must make sure that the web hosting you are taking for your website has the necessary privacy policy and the security features. This way you can stop your site from being misused by the external threats.


Web hosting trends that you should know in 2020



Here are the new web hosting trends in 2020 that you must consider while looking for a web hosting platform for your site.


1. Inter server

If you are looking for a free web hosting services that provide an almost unlimited supply of storage, then probably you must be looking for the InterServer services. In addition, it also provides some of the security features comparable to that of the paid web hosting platforms.


The surprise doesn’t stop at that. If you already have a website that is being infected by any kind of malware, InterServer clean up all the mess before migrating your website to its server. Most of the hosts will charge an extra fee for doing so, but InterServer does this for free as a welcoming gift for its customers.


2. Free hosting

The name itself is enough to give a summary of what this hosting platform does. Free Hosting is the new trend that stands out of the crowd because of the number of features it provides to its users for free.


With thousands of app available at its disposal and hundreds of technical features ready to install with a single click, Free hosting gives you a premium feel with zero costs.


You will surprise to know that; this free web hosting platform does not give you a subdomain. Yes, you heard me correct. Unlike another free web hosting site, this keeps your website domain untouched.


3. Googie host

The Googie host is a cloud-based hosting platform which specializes in providing a smooth performance of your website. You can even further improve your website performance and stability by adding CDN Cloudflare in your system.


With Googie host, you will find that there is a subdomain attached to your website. However, you can remove that subdomain by just buying your own domain.


The best part of the Googie host is its proactive customer support system. The customer support system is active 24x7. This helps many users to breathe at ease.


4. 5GB free

5GB ave a principle that says that you will need a free web hosting but as the time passes and your site grows, eventually you have to switch your free web hosting plan to the paid ones. And they believe this in a positive way.


If you take a good look at this web hosting platform, you will find out that 5GB free is not as good as compared, in terms of features, to the other hosting platform I have mentioned in this article. But other than that you will be amazed by its performance.


5GB free boasts about having US-based and have the same features that some of the US-based paid web hosting have.


5. Award space

What! Do you want to host more than one website? That too for free? Well, that would have been impossible if Award Space has never existed. But lucky you, Award Space is present for you to solve that problem for you. With Award space, you can host four websites simultaneously.


Out of these four, three will be subdomains. You can use these subdomains to host your relative’s websites. With the Award Space, you get automatic firewall protection for your websites. However, for the SSL security, you have to upgrade your Webhosting to the paid plans.



Web hosting is getting costlier day by day. And for this, the new young generation filled with creative ideas and with empty pockets are unable to achieve their dreams. But thanks to the free web hosting site, that now the dreams are becoming reality for those young entrepreneurs.

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