eCommerce Optimization Guide to Survive During Corona (COVID-19)

2020-03-25by I Optimiser

The newest Coronavirus (COVID-19) has made a grave impact on every aspect of life. As a result, isolation and social distancing are rising globally to avoid infection. People have been directed to work from home while countries are put on lockdown to keep people away from crowded areas. You surely have heard that eCommerce industry will see a boom in the wake of the pandemic COVID-19. With all shopping malls closed, the individuals are more inclined towards online shopping for household essentials and luxury products.  

However, the most crucial factor is to grow the visibility of your online business to attract potential customers. It is because the competition is already high, and there is a risk that mega eCommerce stores such as Ali Baba, Amazon and others will aggressively grasp the market share. So, you should strive hard for generating higher sales through improved rankings in the search engines.  

So, this blog aims to prove you a comprehensive guide for eCommerce optimization using different phases. After all, your survival depends mainly on how effectively you avoid the risks of both Corona virus and low sales! 

eCommerce optimization guide to survive during Corona (COVID-19)

Nevertheless, Coronavirus is expected to boost online trading in the long-term.  While online shopping is getting higher popularity, it has become challenging to stand out among top eCommerce websites. However, you can focus on different strategies to keep up your online sales higher. But how? Here is given a guide to boost online sales by optimizing your website in various phases – consider the below: 

Phase 1: Optimize Your Website Design

The first and foremost important task is to optimize the design of your eCommerce website. It is owing to the reason as visitors abruptly leave the website if the design is not attractive. The simplicity of the navigation and smooth checking out process are also important factors for retaining potential customers. Here are your tips: 

Get a stunning landing page

The first impression is the last – getting a responsive website with all essential elements of good user experience is necessary. For this, you should look for well-reputed eCommerce solutions company in Dubai to ensure a stellar website design.  

Ensure simple product catalog

Don’t make it so sophisticated to navigate the products on your website that people get confused. Consider using easy to use navigation for keeping the users focused on their desired products category. Don’t forget to keep it, up-to-dated! 

Use high-quality images

The products images are the most alluring elements presented on your website. You should make it promising by taking product photos from different angles. It will help the users in buying decisions.  

Ensure personalized experience

Every individual craves for personalized experience throughout their buying journey. So, eCommerce retailers should ensure personalization. You can do this by customizing product categories, different payment options and seamless process of checkout.  

Phase 2: Deploy SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is the key to generate higher sales using organic search audience. Majority of the online buyers reach a website from organic searches. Therefore, eCommerce owners should pay greater attention to deploying a comprehensive SEO strategy for driving higher sales. For this purpose, they can take assistance from SEO experts for best practices.  Here are given a few tips to optimize your website for search engine rankings: 

Ensure SEO basics

Every website should comply with some fundamental tasks and activities for getting indexed in the search engines. For example, you need to create that everyone should account in Webmaster Tools for the verification of your website. Adding Meta Keywords and Meta descriptions are also part of basics.  

Ensure quality link-building

It is the essential task that every website owner should accomplish for getting referral traffic. So, you should focus on creating quality links for your targeted keywords. For example, if you are targeting “buy C91 Masks Online” you should create backlink using guest post submission and other such techniques.  

Use SEO tools for analysis  

It is imperative to perform competitor research to come up with better ideas for optimizing your eCommerce website. This not only helps in improved search engine rankings but also ensure a higher generation of sales. You can use SEMrush and other similar tools for optimizing your content after analysis.  

Use unique website content  

Are you familiar with the saying “content is the king” – it is so true! While writing product descriptions, be unique and create alluring piece content that is search engine friendly and informative. Optimize your products, display pages with customer reviews. Use Google alerts and Google trends to come up with the most search queries about Coronavirus and then respond with your content accordingly. Don’t overstuff the keywords! 

Phase 3: Advertise your website

Besides other factors, the essential thing for optimizing the eCommerce store is to market your online business effectively. For this purpose, you can use comprehensive marketing tactic for creating hype on social media as well as other advertising platforms also. So, consider the below tips will help you: 

Use email marketing

It has been noticed that people are surfing more during the lockdown period. You can turn this into a business opportunity by engaging people through email marketing. The chances of reading and responding to the promotional coupons are higher as compared to the regular days. Use the break in the best way possible! 

Retarget ads

It is essential to support your email marketing techniques with paid ads to create authenticity. You can personalize your brand message according to the present circumstances for creating a bond with the people. It will help you gain credibility among the people living with social distances.  

Use Facebook product catalog

Facebook offers various lucrative features for the eCommerce website owners to advertise their products. You can set up paid ads as well as create dynamic product displays. Take advantage of such options to increase the click-through rate of your online store.  

Use social networking platforms  

Social networking forums have become the epicenter of isolated people across the world. It is because social media is the best place to meet and greet people without getting infected from Coronavirus. So, the eCommerce website owners focus on reaching people directly through their social media promotion campaigns on Pinterest, Instagram, and other such platforms.   

Invest in affiliate marketing

It is the best way to generate higher sales. You can search for niche-relevant websites for creating a link for marketing. This will help you develop a network of affiliates leading to higher generation of revenue. Always invest in those who can advocate your brand effectively! 

Coronavirus is setting the strategic direction for eCommerce! 

Most of the business people have already realized the need to respond to the crisis of Coronavirus with post-recovery strategy. It is evident from the fact that many companies are taking advantage of full-scale digitalization of their products and services with comprehensive search engine optimization strategies for improving sales. You can utilize this time to your best interest by paying higher attention to enhance the eCommerce website in design and search engine rankings for getting an edge over the competitors.  

Don’t forget to acquire the services of SEO Company in Dubai to do the due on your behalf for ensuring higher business conversions. It’s the dire time for eCommerce website owners to answer the call in Crono concerns! 


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