The Role Of AI In The Development Of Medical Pods

2020-02-12 by Milica Kostic

In the recent period, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the mainstream culture. What's more, AI is growing in popularity at a rapid rate, expanding its reach with each passing day.

Lots of scientists are working on improving the AI experience. They try hard to uplift the human condition and reveal the knowledge that was hidden from the public for so long.

For instance, the so-called Medical Pods are an area where Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role. And yet, few people are aware that such technology even exists.

But don't worry, we got you covered. Our guide on the role of AI will explain everything you need to know about this advanced off-world technology that could save humanity.

What are Medical Pods in the First Place?

In recently published articles, Jared Rand and Ileana, the Star Traveler, have explained the nature of Medical Pods. In essence, these pods are chambers that resemble the beds that we currently use in medicine.

Yet, Medical Pods are not human-created, and this feature provides them with exquisite abilities. For example, they can regenerate tissue and correct imperfections. The entire principle of these beds relies on the use of Tachyon particle energy, which is plasma energy in its raw form. As we all know, plasma energy is everywhere around us.

According to Rand and Ileana, there are three types of medical pods:

  • Holographic Medical Pods

  • Regenerative Medical Pods

  • Re-atomization Medical Pods

Even though they follow the same concept, these three classes can offer different healing capacities. But what is the role of AI in all this? Let’s find out.

How AI Controls the System

The collective human consciousness is apprehensive about the potential of Artificial Intelligence. However, the ET technology is free from such prejudice. Moreover, AI plays an integral role in the 3D-5D transition, which is happening as we speak. The so-called Great Awakening is a paradigm shift that should wake up the collective and give birth to a new reality.

When it comes to Medical Pods, AI is not autonomous but it controls many aspects of the chambers. In a way, MRI works on a similar principle.

So, Artificial Intelligence in Medical Pods is a super-computer software with near-endless applications.

Above all else, this system can perform a complete internal analysis of the body. Every tissue and every organ in the body will be subjected to in-depth analysis, down to the micron level. The AI is also able to scan the entire neural network, as well as to perform laparoscopic surgeries.

The bottom line is that the AI can link with the human’s vibrational frequency. We can then use the information obtained from the 3D anatomical scanning to cure diseases, heal wounds, and even revive people. With a low error rate and extreme precision, AI-controlled Medical Pods are the future of medicine.

The Verdict

Artificial Intelligence can tackle even the most complex of tasks, and Medical Pods are just the tip of the iceberg. A lot more knowledge lies beyond the reach of the collective human conscience, but we are getting there.

Once Medical Pods are revealed to us, we will be able to use them in a variety of ways. The most important thing is that this advanced technology will save lives and improve the quality of life here on Earth.

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