4 Tips To Organically Increase In-App Purchases

2020-02-06 by Kara Masterson

Using a mobile app to both encourage and facilitate online payments, purchases and transactions has proven to be a real game changer. With today’s customers electing to conduct their business online in greater numbers than ever, businesses who fail to develop a suitable mobile app may find themselves at a significant disadvantage. A few helpful tips can ensure that your efforts to boost sales and increase in-app purchases will be met with greater success.

Make Purchasing Convenient

Quicker, easier and more convenient in-app purchases can allow you to optimize conversation and boost your overall sales. Multi-step purchases can be distracting and users rarely stick with apps that are hard to use or difficult to navigate long enough to make a purchase. A simplified, streamlined and intuitive selection and payment process ensures that more purchases are made.

Use the Data Generated by Crowdfunding

The presales, reservations and other feedback that occurs during a crowdfunding campaign can provide you with a wealth of useful data and information. When it comes to devising marketing strategies and customer profiling efforts that utilize the best practices for crowdfunding can often be a real asset. Learning more about the habits and interests of specific portions of your customer base in greater detail can allow you to market to them far more effectively.

Know Your User Base

Lacking a basic understanding of your users, customers and clientele can make it all but impossible to find organic ways to increase sales or maximize in-app purchasing. While less subtle marketing efforts or a brute-force promotional campaign may yield short-term results, such efforts are rarely worth alienating your core customers. A detailed understanding of your clientele serves as a roadmap, one that may lead to many new opportunities to fuel sales growth naturally and organically.

Offering Tiered Purchasing Option

A binary purchase option may prove to be a bigger obstacle than you might realize. Tiered purchases, feature-restricted purchase options ideal for users seeking a discount and premium packages for customers who don’t mind spending a little more to get the best may be a far better option. Offering users a wider range of choices, selections and options is a simple and effective way to ensure more frequent purchases.

Being too pushy when promoting in-app purchases can often have the opposite effect. Failing to make use of the data collected during a crowdfunding campaign in order to better understand your customers and users can also be a costly misstep. Ensuring convenient access to a wide range of options that have been custom-made for your user base can go a long way towards increasing in-app purchasing.

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