Is The Sports Industry Worried About Cybersecurity?

2020-02-03by Divyesh Aegis

How to manage cybersecurity in the sports industry?

Cybersecurity is a major concern these days. That is only because digitalization has increased and gone to another level. As a result, the scope and the possibility of cyber threats have increased magnificently too. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that the world needs stronger and more efficient cybersecurity techniques and tools to ensure that the data is saved. Hence, cybersecurity industry has a huge scope and potential. Also, because cybersecurity is not just important for the corporate sectors or banks, rather, it is important for a wide range of industries across the world. In this article, we will try and figure out the role and eminence of cybersecurity in the sports industry. 

Digitalization of sports 

The world of sports is much more digitalized than we ever thought! And, the industry is only expected to become more and more digitally present. When we talk about digitalization of sports, the first thing that comes to our mind is the digital ways to connect with the fans and supporters. The fans can now connect with the teams through social media platforms as well. Social media has made it super easy for the sports teams to establish a direct bond with the fans. However, this comes with its own set of risks too. The sports teams and whosoever is managing the digital platforms have to ensure that everything is happening securely. As people have access to more and more information about the athletes and sports teams, therefore, the sports teams or the athletes have to be extra careful about the safety of their data. 


Even the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) faced a major cybersecurity channel. A hacking group had attacked their sites and stolen the data. They were trying to target the athletes by manipulating the therapeutic use exemption apps.  


Does digitalization empower sportspeople? 

Yes, definitely, it does. There are newer and newer python development techniques that are being used to make the athletes much more competitive. Thus, the athletes are able to train much more intelligently. Sports teams can use several tools that offer them the advantage to make intelligent decisions as a result, the sports people are able to perform much better. They are empowered to break the boundaries. However, everything is possible via digital means. Data analytics is a part of sports now. The athletes and the teams have access to the huge volume of data. And, that data can be securely analyzed to derive valuable insights from them. Though, more storage and transfer of data invite the chances of cyber risks. Therefore, the athletes and the sports teams have to make sure that they use only trustworthy channels and ways to store their data and derive intelligent insights. 

All about e-sports

E-sports have changed the entire meaning of sports. Now, for playing a sport you won’t have to literally step into the field. Instead, you can play with the help of a couple of applications or online programs. It is definitely fascinating, but it comes with its own set of challenges and more exposure to cyber threats. E-sports has made it easier to cheat to game the system. Therefore, the applications, programs or the solutions that support e-sports have to be really very strong. 


Cybersecurity is sports becomes utmost important because a lot of data related to the athletes and the sports teams is being stored and even transferred online in some cases. Therefore, the cybercriminals can hack the systems and use the data. Therefore, every sports team and athletes should take necessary steps to make sure that the data is absolutely safe. First of all, regular security audits are extremely important for any organization. The sports authorities, agencies, team management, etc. have to make sure that they safely audit their systems. Second of all, it is absolutely necessary to encrypt most of the data. All the data which is being transmitted over a network should be encrypted and this will automatically reduce the scope of any possible cyber-attack. At the same time, we also need extremely strong authentication systems in order to securely authorize the utilization of the information. Also, everyone who is using online solutions and the data should be trained to safely use and transfer the data. 


Cybersecurity is extremely important even for the sports teams and the athletes. It is no longer just an important element for corporations or financial organizations. As there is an abundance of data related to the sports teams and the athletes which can be accessed online, therefore, the scope of risk is higher. And, only strong and efficient cybersecurity programs and solutions can help to reduce the chances of the attacks. Also, in order to prevent the attacks from happening, everyone should be trained intelligently. That’s how the sports industry can stay away from the attacks. 


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