How To Improve The Look Of Your Social Media Profile Pages

2020-01-15 by Kristel Staci

Social media is indispensable in today’s business world. With social media, small and large companies alike have the opportunity to reach a wider audience with little effort needed.

Social media also grants previously unheard individuals an opportunity to lend their voice on any issue. But it isn’t all just roses all through for a business to thrive using social media, some work is needed.

At its stage of infancy, social networking was much easier to use for marketing and drawing more attention than what is obtainable today. With the social media rat race today, only a good approach to marketing your brand can make your business stand out.

To have the best chance of getting more traffic to your pages, work needs to be done on your profile. When your social media page is designed to have the highest quality, your services will remain in-demand no matter how many people flood the market.

Your profile pages should be worked on to ensure they remain captivating. This is because the use of social media continues to grow. There are projections which show an increase in social media activity every year. This means that there is a likelihood that people will come in contact with your products or services for the first time through your social media page. Let’s take a look at the several ways you can improve your social media profile pages to ensure increased visibility for your brand:

Get The Same Username Across Platforms:

To have a sustained social media profile, your username should receive some touches. Usernames are sometimes rigid on social media platforms, so be careful when making your first choice.

Your username should be unique and recognizable on any platform. It won’t be an ideal social media strategy if your username is @orion on Facebook and @magnus on Twitter. Uniformity helps your profile across platforms.

Add a Proper Cover Photo:

Many people don’t see the need to get a cover photo on their social media profile. As an individual, it may have little relevance, but as a brand it is very important. Cover photos could say a lot more about your company than what is displayed in your profile picture. Most social media sites now have the cover photo feature, so it is possible to have the same image across platforms.

Get your cover image to do most of your marketing for you, as you could create an enticing image that displays all your business has on offer. This gives your profile a sophisticated look and ensures users are informed whenever they visit your site.

If you are going to build a social profile for your website or brand, it’s best that you don’t go with a personal photo of yourself. Instead, you should be using a resized image of your brand identity of logo. If you don’t already have one in place, you can use this free online logo maker to get the job done in just a better minutes.

Your Profile Photo Should Be Selected Wisely:

Profile photos depend on the type of business you’re running. If your business name is the display name on the account, then your business logo is ideal for your account.

If it happens that your brand cannot be differentiated with your face, then a headshot is a good choice. Having the same profile photo on all your social media accounts is ideal, and will give your social media pages a more uniform look.

When selecting profile photos, you should consider the size of images you use. Image sizes largely depend on the social media platform. Select an image that doesn’t become blurry when enlarged and retains its content when reduced. This adds a better look to your social media profile pages.

Get Your Description in Order:

Social media platforms rarely provide more than a few lines for users to describe themselves. This means you have to create catchy lines that are concise but contains everything people should know about your business.

There are some platforms that provide a lot of characters to describe yourself, to enable you describe your business to visitors in as much words as you desire. Ensure you talk about what visitors will find relevant, such as the services you offer, your track record, and achievements etc. This helps you to deliver the best information about your business on your profile pages.

You must note that it isn’t necessary to make your description rigid across platforms. You can tailor your statements to the characters the platform allows, or the quality you want the message to have.

Links Your Pages to Your Site:

Improving the look of your social media profiles involves the creation of links. Link creation makes it possible for users to have access to your business’ website and still have the option to return to your social media pages. It gives your profile pages and advanced but user-friendly look.

Creating links also makes it easy for the assessment of which social media pages generate more visits to your site. It also helps you in discovering the underperforming pages that may need improvement.

No matter what type of framework or CMS you are using to power your site, you are still always going to link back to your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These platforms might change over time, but your usernames and URLs never will.

Maintain a Pristine Online Presence:

When you intend to improve the look of your social media profile, all efforts could be damaged with your profile pages link to one bad post. If your image on social media is to be regarded as clean, then you need to go through your entire history. This may be difficult, but necessary. Check and remove your profiles’ links with any post that could generate a bad image of your brand.

Also, in lieu of tagging anything you like on social media, make your association with other accounts above-amateur for a start. Keep the information on your account concise and truthful to ensure you are respected online. With time, your brand will become trusted, and your pages will receive all the traffic you want.

Use Pinned Content and Keywords:

This is a two-pronged approach to improving your profile – (i) your profile gets a better look and (ii) you get more traffic to your site. Pinning content on your profile page is supported by many social networks. Your pins should display what your brand is best at achieving, or send an important message.

Keywords are not restricted to generating organic traffic to your site; you can use them to improve your profile pages. This involves making use of constant keyword research in your niche, and incorporating such words into your profile description or bio.

The keywords will make your profile pages pop-up in related searches, and the pins will help in directing visitors to your page to more backlinks, keeping them in your profile for much longer.

Continue Working on Your Pages:

It is a mistake to take all this advice on how to improve your site and then go to sleep. The world of social media changes almost every day. This means that your efforts at improving your social media pages should be frequent to maintain the relevance of your pages on social networks.


Social media can help your business in more ways than one. Thence, your approach towards creating a better image for your profile should focus on generating more visits to your sites, and leading your visitors to other links in your site if possible.

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