How The Best AI Companies Develop Exceptional Apps

2019-12-11 by Lisa Froelings

The AI industry has truly grown into a legitimate market presence over the last few years as the proliferation of smart assistants and automated machines continue to increase the value of the technology. The best AI companies make sure to follow a few key rules to sustain positive development with positive returns.


Firstly, AI companies have all sizes go to the open-source market to see which new technologies are available and which trends are starting to take off. Leveraging open-source materials is integral in developing legitimate AI apps that are both profitable and useful.


They leverage open source communities

You don’t have to tackle the mysteries of the universe alone. The mercurial and arcane vacillations of an unreliable machine aren’t just for one person to comprehend. Software development is a team sport, a future-minded community with free resources and open inclusion as pillars of their ethical code and growth strategy.


GitHub extensions, scripts, and projects and open AI

Open AI initiatives are a part of the larger open source community and collaborative spirit. Several AI projects can be downloaded from GitHub; machine learning projects produced by Google, AI frameworks compatible with 3D rendering engines like Unity, advanced neural network templates, scripts, and libraries. Other open-source communities host artificial intelligence content, training sets, and toolkits.


Getting started with artificial intelligence means scouring the web for resources and joining a lovey online, open-source community with mentors, cohorts, and AI companies in open communication.


Assembling a team

Assembling good AI development teams is key to creating great AI apps that dominate the market. True success in any business venture lies in the respect and trust that members have for each other and themselves.


In assembling the team, businesses may want to go to the AI communities directly to find developers who are looking to join new AI projects. Many of the developers in the open-source community are available for hire on specific projects as well making them great assets for any AI team.


There are also consultants for individual AI technologies like machine learning which makes developing harder technologies a breeze. Consultants can usually be enlisted through several channels and are usually with their weight in gold.


How to find potential collaborators:

  • Find AI communities
  • Search for AI and machine learning consultants
  • Collab with developers, entrepreneurs, and academics


They plan extensively and release iteratively

Launching your product will entail several launches. Does this sound confusing? Good — that means you understand how paradoxical software launches are.


Iterative releases entail:

  • Agile development
  • Successive launches
  • Open betas
  • Release schedule


Software companies shield themselves from criticism and promote interest by releasing software iteratively. By providing your customers with a work-in-progress, you can endlessly edit, revise, and refine your AI app until it aligns with your initial vision.


This means releasing undercooked software in the hopes of collaboration and communication. Users can interact with your app and provide you with feedback that will inform your successive launches.


To carry out successful launches:

  • AI companies find a niche
  • They use data to make marketing decisions
  • They use intuition and creativity to capture interest
  • They don’t let investors override the mission



GitHub is a treasure trove of open-source software that can be used for a variety of reasons and with little recourse. This means that developers can use as many of these technologies as possible to create truly memorable AI apps. The Open AI Initiative is another such organization that takes it upon themselves to push developers to innovate on AI technology and publish it for others to innovate upon as well.


Next, the best AI companies always assemble top-flight development teams that work together well and have mutually beneficial skill sets. Ultimately, assembling the right AI development team is all about choosing talented people who know how to work together.


Critically, successful companies are also sure to keep the customers and their desires in mind first when developing commercial AI. Many AI apps are too focused on the technology and not focused enough on the customer who, while not total experts on AI, understands that AI is an important technology that influences the world around them.

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