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2019-12-03by Charlie Brown

Shifting to any of the digital applications is a testing task bearing in mind the information that the continuation of your business might depend on such apps. However, at a certain time of your business phase, you would face the puzzle of whether to move to the cloud or carry on using your existing business and IT infrastructure. It is true that shifting to a new platform is a difficult procedure, but if executed the right way, it has the possibility to provide you with multiple opportunities. Therefore, it is barely astonishing that a large number of businesses are shifting their websites, apps, data, and other elements to cloud-oriented hosting.

Cloud migration is a method, in which where business moves the current infrastructure such as websites, data, or apps, from a physical server within the company to a cloud-based platform. A couple of the apex organizations are cloud providers including Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, or for that matter Microsoft Azure. Whilst these organizations offer numerous applications for integration with the cloud, the cost might make it a little difficult for small or medium-sized enterprises.

According to an article published on https://www.huffpost.com, cloud-based hosting services are affordable; as it lets you share the resources you need to meet the fast increasing technological requirements of your business. Read on to learn how migrating to cloud hosting is a boon without affecting your website SEO.

The challenges of cloud hosting migration

There are a couple of possible hazards when you are moving to cloud hosting, but then those could be resolved if you adhere to the right process and embrace all the preventive steps. Let us read about some of the potential concerns when you are moving to a cloud-based platform.

A major disadvantage of shifting to cloud hosting could be issues related to the storage of insightful, sensitive customer data and meeting all compliance guidelines. If you fail, there could be penalties for your organization.

Setting up a couple of your proprietary applications and software might also be a complexity owing to the legal necessities.

One of the other key issues companies have when moving to a cloud platform is compromising on the rankings of their website in the search pages of Google. The SEO and top rankings have been achieved after much effort for many years. Therefore, you realize migration sounds good if you can do it professionally but has certain challenges too.

The rewards of migrating to a cloud platform

Moving to cloud hosting might have enormous rewards for your company. When it comes to cloud hosting, it could resolve the most widespread issue of infrastructure scaling, as your business grows and expands. With cloud hosting, you can add storage space or improve additional processing capacity. It is just a matter of a few clicks. Yes, it is as simple as that. It makes your company more responsive when it comes to meeting increased customer demand. The migration to cloud hosting services would also perk up the operational competence of your company, as your teams would become extra productive with cloud-oriented solutions and applications. You can talk to Chicago SEO Company experts to learn how you can move to cloud hosting and boost your site’s SEO manifold.

Most of the top cloud-based services offer strong security for cloud hosting. These providers offer the top priority to your website’s SEO, performance, and efficiency. Cloud hosting would also let you take on quick application accomplishment as well as deployment. It results in cost savings with regard to hosting as well as additional savings when you require scaling for business growth and expansion. Therefore, you see how cloud hosting benefits your business performance without affecting your site’s SEO.

Maintain and defend your website SEO

There is completely no need to fret over your website SEO when shifting to cloud hosting. If you pursue a methodical procedure and look for a dependable hosting provider, be rest assured that the hard work and efforts you invest in building your website SEO would not go down the drain. If you are new and have little knowledge about cloud hosting and SEO, the ideal solution for you is to re-host the current data applications on the cloud platform. It does not need you to adjust code or assume any intricate tasks. You will find providers that offer data migration services with our cloud hosting solutions free. Take some time out of your busy schedule and pick a professional cloud-hosting provider.

The next alternative is to keep your key applications unaltered and leverage cloud-oriented frameworks. It would let your developers obtain full benefits out of the cloud platform. The last and most multifaceted migration procedure is to change the code and architecture. It means entails removing the original code and building a new architecture from the beginning. A substitute approach is to abandon the existing code and build a new one to make the most out of cloud hosting fully. These little things matter a lot and boost your website performance if you know the rules of the game.

Say goodbye to downtime with cloud hosting

The downtime of your business website would also adversely affect its rankings in the search engine results pages or SERPs. Therefore, if you are using a hosting provider, which has recurrent breakdowns resulting in significant downtime for your business website, you can say farewell to your search rankings. In contrast, when you choose a professional cloud hosting provider, the possibilities of website downtime are zero or insignificant.


To settle on which method is perfect for your business and website, you can consider which applications should move to the cloud. It is completely likely that a couple of your apps would provide enhanced results if your in-house team manages the same, while the other could perform better if you migrate to cloud hosting. The responsibility is upon you to figure out after cautiously assessing the advantages and drawbacks of both in-house and cloud-based management.

Whilst these might appear like easy steps and understandable methods, following them will make certain your website SEO would not be the same, but much better with the new cloud-oriented hosting solution.

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