Why Business Owners Can’t Afford To Ignore Web Hosting And UX

2019-12-02 by Editor

There are several ways in which the type of hosting service you choose for your website can have an impact on your business, not least of which is how Google and other search engines choose to index and serve content to users. We now know that having a fast website which functions seamlessly for the user is synonymous with better Google rankings, and making the right choice at the outset will stand your website in good stead for the future.


Server Response Time and Site Speed

Web hosting plays a huge part in the usability and site speed of a website. While we know these play a large part in how search engines rank websites, it means it’s something businesses large and small cannot afford to turn a blind eye to. In the competitive arena of digital marketing, an unreliable website could be the fine line between success and failure. Google, as one of the leading search engines, has explicitly stated that good site speed correlates with high positions in search results, so this advice is not to be sniffed at. If for example you’re running a small local business, then having a server location which is spatially close to your users will have a big impact on site speed. Google is increasingly trying to provide the most relevant information for their users and ticking the simple boxes like site speed is one of the ways to climb their ranks. 


There are so many options out there for web hosting and if you’re unsure of the right path to take, it could be really valuable to get in touch with experts on the matter. Click Intelligence have been achieving results for their clients in the digital marketing space for years and will be able to point you in the right direction for your individual requirements.


User Experience and Site Reliability

One of the biggest ‘turn-offs’ when visiting a website is the ‘site down’ message. Website users require a stable connection to the products and services you offer as a bare minimum. That said, one of the key considerations to make when evaluating web hosting services for your site is reliability. If you go with a low budget web hosting service, then there is every chance that you’ll suffer in the long run, and in turn, so will your users. Be sure to choose a hosting service with a reputation for reliability to stand a chance at ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERP’s). Click Intelligence are adept at providing invaluable support for their clients and have a vast range of experience in developing successful digital marketing campaigns. Going the extra mile and working alongside experts in this field is one of the safest ways to ensure your website performs to its full potential.


Make sure to carefully consider all the options available when choosing a hosting provider for your website. Stick on the search engine’s ‘good side’ with smart choices for your hosting and you’ll be on the way to rising in the ranks with the likes of Google and other search engines.

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