4 Ways To Better Market Your Tradesman Business

2019-12-02 by Editor

The tradesman market is very competitive, and often consumers will stick with a company or individual that they have been using for a while, and who has a reputation for reliable and high-quality work. This is why breaking into the market can be quite tricky, but there’s no reason your tradesman business cannot flourish with the right marketing techniques.

1.   Take Pride in Your Appearance

This means taking pride in everything you do, whether it’s the vehicle you drive, your business logo, your personal uniform, or the tools you use. You want to paint yourself as professional and dependable and allow this to translate to all aspects of your business. This also means making efforts to invest in the best quality tools for the job and not skimping on cheaper items for a quick fix. This, of course, means that proper insurance is also important; don’t forget to take out reliable tradesman’s tool insurance from a dependable supplier like Hiscox, in order to better protect your essentials. This means you’re marketing yourself as a professional even when you’re not actively promoting, whether it’s an individual noticing your branded vehicle in the street, word-of-mouth from a client who has seen your work, or a passer-by who has noticed your professional uniform.

2.   Develop a Website

This is a must for any business. For a tradesman who prefers hands-on work and has no experience in digital marketing, the concept of a website may seem pretty daunting. Nevertheless, it’s still important to have one.

When building a tradesman website, remember to include:

  • All relevant contact details
  • Your location, and the areas which you serve (so clients will know whether their address is within your working radius)
  • Informative and professional information about you and your business, and what makes you unique
  • All relevant credentials
  • Reviews from happy clients
  • The registered trading bodies you are with


When it comes to a tradesman, clients will usually be searching for a website when they need your services. This means you want your website to be tailored enough for them to want to use it when they find your details.

3.  Ensure That You Are Listed

There are a lot of reputable listing sites which consumers will use to search for a reliable tradesman, so you’ll want to make sure that you are listed where appropriate. You should take the time to search for relevant trade-specific listing websites to enquire about being listed yourself. It also makes your business appear more trustworthy if you have an official listing.

4.  Produce Physical Marketing Material

While a lot of businesses focus their marketing to be solely online and through the means of email - eliminating the need for paper copies as much as possible - a tradesman business is one of the areas where physical marketing content is still highly applicable. For example, many people like having the business card of a local, dependable tradesman on their fridge, knowing they can grab it easily in an emergency. That’s why it’s a good idea to produce leaflets and business cards to post through the doors of potential clients in your working area, alongside your online marketing efforts.

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