How To Boost Engagement On Your Business Website

2019-11-18 by Editor

If you’ve got your own business, then you probably have your own website to help you to promote your products or services - it’s an essential tool for companies these days. You may think you’ve got all the information you want on there, and have detailed everything you think your customers want to know.


However, you’re not getting as much business or interest from customers through your website as you think you should be. So how can you get people to use your site, and find you online?


Here are just a few tips you could think about using to improve engagement on your website.


Look at your landing pages

These pages on your site are important because they’ll help a potential customer with your products or services. They may persuade someone to follow a particular action, direct traffic to the rest of your site, or provide certain information to your audience. So placing your landing pages strategically may increase your chances of conversion.


Use a professional web designer

It’s important to have a designer who can work with you and take care of any design aspects for your website. They will know about different web design elements and will make sure that the user has an interactive experience on your website. If you feel like your current website it lacking or you want to boost site engagement you could speak with web design agency Birmingham for advice and tips on how to do this.


Have a responsive web design

If you pay attention to the responsiveness of your website, then you may have a higher conversion rate. You can’t predict what device or medium your visitors will use to access your website, so it’s important that users get the best experience on all platforms.


Update your calls to action

Conversions can be increased from your content by making calls to action (CTA) an important part of that information. The CTA shouldn’t interrupt the user from reading the site but should hook them in by promising answers and providing solutions.


Re-target to re-engage

If you’re already generating traffic to your site, then you could look into how you can use digital re-marketing. This could be done by showing adverts to those who have already visited your site.


You could use several different adverts, in different sizes and formats - but make sure you use a consistent look, which may improve the possibility of getting their attention.


Offer rewards to users when they do engage with you

Many people like to get a freebie so users won’t mind going the extra mile for a free item or trial subscription you offer; this will show that you appreciate their engagement on your site. By incentivising the first part of the sales funnel, you can achieve more loyalty and a higher number of purchases later on. So by offering something minor for free, users may indulge for longer and become more likely to go for schemes later on, which will then encourage other users to engage with your site.

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