Getting“Err_connection_reset” - Know How To Fix It

2019-11-05by Mohd.Sohel Ather

It’s common to get “Err_connection_reset” notification when you are browsing any website. You must have encountered this very commonly. This is majorly in Google chrome. This happens when you try to connect through a website but the connection couldn’t get established to the World Wide Web. This could be due to network failure or system not appropriate configuration for the preferred website. Getting this error due to other reasons are the possibilities too. Some of the possible reasons are

  • No internet connection
  • When the preferred sites or ISP or the internet protocol addresses are blocked
  • When a proxy server is blocked and likewise.

Fixing the error:

Since you know now that there could be many reasons for the “Err_connection_reset”, so the solutions to these are also many depending upon the reasons. When you already ensured that there is proper internet connectivity then there are different reasons to the errors, you look for them and fix it as per what is required. Let us see some of the fixes to the error.

1.      Proxy Setting Method:

This is one of the most effective solutions to the “Err_connection_reset” problem. Follow the below steps to change your proxy settings.

Go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Network Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Confirm the status of “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN” option> Uncheck or deselect it if it is already selected > Press OK

Now, you are done. Also, if you find that you can’t click the “Use a Proxy Server for Your LAN” option, then it means your computer is infected. Do a Virus scan, remove it and then fix your problem.

2.      Fix through MTU:

MTU means Maximum Transmission Unit. If the MTU has got an incorrect setup, you will get this error. To resolve the problem you need to configure the network adapter. Follow the below steps.

Press Windows + R > Run Dialogue Box > Write ‘ncpa.cpl’ > Press OK > Get the available network connections > get the active network adapter by copy-paste that > Now again get the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R > Write ‘cmd’ in the dialogue box and press OK > Get the command prompt > Now put the adapter name in place of Wireless Network Connection/ Local Area Connection; whatever be your

3.      Cleaning the Registration: Another one to check

Many of the users have experienced that cleaning the registry solve the problem. This is an easy process. It might work in your case. There are many registry cleaners available for free. Download one of the trusted one, install and run it. Go through the registry scanning process and find the error. Repair and fix the error, found in the process. Now restart the computer and then check whether the error is fixed or not.

 4.      Reset your IP

This resolve has been trusted by many users. It is simple and easy. It resets the “Winsocks” which means fixing the problem if it due to the configuration related. Once the process is completed, restart your PC. Then check whether or not you are getting the same message of “Err_connection_reset”.


5.    Check through the Setting of your Firewall

When you need to check the setting of the firewall, follow the below steps.

Press Windows Key + X > Get Power User Menu > Control Panel > Go to Systems and Security > Windows Firewall option > Get to the “Turn-Off the Windows Firewall” > select the options for all the available networks you are getting > Restart your PC.

This method, however, is not recommended, as it is a breach to the protection of your PC.

6.      Verify the Power-cycle way:

It is the simplest method and should be the foremost to check when you are going through all the fussy resolve to check it. It works. When you get an “Err_connection_reset” error after ensuring your internet connection working fine, just unplug the power source of your router. Keep it unplugged for sometimes; let’s say 5 to 10 minutes at least. Afterward, plug it and get the internet connection. Wait for the sufficient time for the internet to run properly and get through the networks available.  Now verify whether or not your problem is solved.

7.      Disable the Antivirus:

Just in case the firewall setting option doesn’t help, check through the setting of antivirus application. Look for any restrictions put by the Antivirus application to get through any network. Go through the below steps to verify the same.

 Start Menu > Settings > Update and Security > Press the Windows Defender tab > disable the Antivirus or Real time Protection

 Never forget to update and spyware and with the options you wanted.

8.      The ISP way:

This you may consider as the last option. If you have tried all the methods to resolve your issue you call your ISP. You let them know your problem and also about the methods you have tried to solve it if you want to. Many times the ISP providers block some of the sites which they consider harmful to you. They use firewalls to protect you from such sites. Whatever they provide, they call it a ‘safe-net’ and due to this safe-net you might not be getting connected to the network you wish to obtain.

So, the “Err_connection_reset” is just a common one but have a lot of resolutions to it. Whatever the problem you are facing to get the error could be solved with the above-mentioned fixes. However, we cannot say which method will suit you, but all these methods have the potential to cover all the possible problems due to which you get this browsing error. 

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