Blogging As A Profession: Can You Make It?

2019-09-04 by Editor

Blogging is a hobby for most people, but some bloggers are the real deal and they earn millions of dollars every year from their blog sites. Although no one can really say if you are going to be the next Peter Rojas or Arriana Huffington, it is possible to earn a decent income from blogging, as long as you are really good at it.

Admittedly, being a good blogger isn’t anything that can be taught, but if you think you have the skills, we have a few good tips to support your talent and help you make the most of it.

A Slow Blogsite is a Recipe for Failure

Thanks to the advent of the internet, people now have more options to choose from than they can possibly browse through. If one of your target audience manages to land on the right page in search of information about a specific topic, the last thing you would want that visitor to experience is a slow website. In case your blog doesn’t load within a few seconds, they are going to abandon it and try to find the same information somewhere else.

It’s one of the worst things that can happen to a blogger, or any other website for that matter. All that marketing and content goes to waste, simply because the hosting plan was inappropriate or the host itself was incompetent.

To nip this frustrating problem in the bud, visit Onyx.io, compare the various plans they have designed specifically for bloggers and choose a plan that can handle the kind of data and traffic that you need your hosting service to be able to handle.

Bloggers are often surprised to find out that they should be paying much less money than what they are paying for their current hosting plan, because they don’t even need the kind of features and resources that their current plan has them paying for.

Dynamic Web Design is Extremely Important

If you are going to start a blog of your own, we are guessing that you probably know the importance of websites being smartphone-friendly already, but in 2019, it’s more than just having a mobile version of the site. What a blogger needs, is a dynamic web design that changes its dimensions dynamically to best fit the window on which the page is being viewed.

Smartphones come in various resolutions and even aspect ratios, and then there are the Android tablets, Chromebooks, iPads, and the list goes on. As mobile phones and tablets are generally easier and more comfortable to read on, no blog can succeed in 2019 by being confined to dated web designs. Dynamic web design is a must for every commercial site, but it is even more important for blogs.

Seamless Integration with Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube get more traffic these days than traditional websites. It’s a change that you need to welcome by allowing seamless integration between your blog and the social media channels where you are active.

Your target audience should be able to find your social media channels via your blog, and vice-versa. It is likely that you may need to launch a few small social media marketing campaigns from time to time as well.

There is a lot of competition when it comes to starting a new blog site, which makes it very difficult to rise above the competition. Nevertheless, most of the blogs fail because they don’t stay in the game long enough, or because they missed out on a few of the key aspects we just discussed. As long as you don’t quit your day job right away, and continue to grow the blog slowly over time, rest assured that you too can make it as a professional blogger.

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