Magento To Shopify Migration: The Ultimate Guide To Migrate Your Store

2019-08-27by Softpulse Infotech

Magento to Shopify Migration

Are you stuck in an e-commerce store with cheap UI & UX and outdated store features? It's time for a switch! Upgrade your store by migrating to Shopify. Let's discuss Shopify Migration Services in depth.

There was a time when Magento used to be the go-to platform for many eCommerce store owners. Developers used to suggest this Magento to their clients. Now, it is getting difficult for Magento users. They are getting stuck by outdated store designs and functionalities. And, the cost of developers, hosting and domain providers is also rising.

If you are also suffering from similar issues, it's time for you to migrate from Magento. No matter what platform you are using for your eCommerce store. Shopify is the best platform to go.

Why should you migrate to Shopify

The first and obvious advantage of having Shopify over any other platform is it's hosted platform. One of the most secure servers within the globe is backing your website. There will not be any extra domain and hosting charges. Website speeds and security are offered by Shopify itself.

Shopify provides straightforward setup and operating flexibility. They provide a 14 days free trial plan to new e-commerce store owners, to make them understand more of this platform.

Shopify theme store offers a variety of themes. They have enough themes to fulfill nearly all kinds of e-commerce store requirements. Shopify app store also has various applications to add many new functionalities to the store. Custom themes and applications can also be developed for large e-commerce stores.

Many more benefits of having Shopify are top-notch 24/7 technical support, SEO friendly website designs, free SSL certification with each plan. Now as, you have convinced your mind to migrate to Shopify. Let's discuss the Shopify Migration Services step by step.

How to perform Shopify Migration Services

The first and the obvious thing that we all must do is selecting the right web developers or dedicated Shopify experts to perform Magento to Shopify migration services. Having developers to perform complex tasks like Magento to Shopify migration makes a lot of things quite easy. They will be your best guide and supporters while performing the Shopify migration services.

The migration process, may not go as planned. To stop any kind of data loss and for sake of the safety of your website, there should always be a backup of your old store to back you up in an emergency or unwanted situation. The developers can perform this task for you.

The next and very crucial step is to decide what to migrate and what to leave behind. You need to transfer all of your product pages, all the details of your previous and current orders, and your marketing content to your new store. If you are using your store for a long time then, there might be some outdated content on your website that you better leave behind.

As you are transferring your store from one platform to another many of your URLs are aspected to change. You design a proper SEO strategy for your new store. You should properly 301 redirect your old URLs to new ones. You better have an expert to perform this task for you.

With the migration process, you should change the look and feel of your new website. Shopify provides many themes and applications through its app and theme stores. You can also create your own custom themes and features according to your business's requirements. Shopify experts that you hired can design & develop the custom themes and unique features for your store.

Now, its time to complete the migration. Complete the data transfer process. Developers will perform a complete data transfer process for you. If you are considering to migrate from Magento to Shopify, get in touch with us now. We can perform the whole migration process for you.

Once, your new website is completely migrated and developed, its time for testing your new site. Try to complete a few product purchase cycle. Make sure all pages are loading perfectly, all functionalities are usable. The website should perform fine on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Once, everything seems fairly normal you should launch the website. Select the quietest period of the week. After launch too, keep an eye on the website's performance. Ensure that the front & back end of your new website is performing as aspected.


Magento to Shopify Migration Services is not as challenging task as it sounds. Perform this by following the step by step process that we explained above. You will surely get successful migration by following this quick guide.

If you need help with any Shopify needs, we are here to rescue. Softpulse Infotech is one of the most renowned Shopify experts in the market. Contact us today for any Shopify related needs.

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