AI Powered Chatbots: The Right Way To Improve Customer Service

2019-08-22by David Jones

To keep up with the pace of customer conversations today, businesses are utilizing powerful Chatbots for automating tons of mundane and otherwise laborious tasks. Employ AI to make your customer service smarter, not harder. Read on more to find out how...

For what the business is? To serve the customers, of course! Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of the business, therefore providing exceptional customer service is essential to win the trust. The provision of phenomenal service is achievable with the help of AI powered chatbots.

Why chatbots? They are mechanized by the artificial intelligence which means the chatbots have the capability to make the conversation style and the response mechanism like that of human terms. So how does AI virtual assistant will improve the customer services in the businesses?

Customer service’s influence on business revenue

Deriving the facts from the Zendesk research, customer service do have an impact on the business – whether it is good or bad.

  • Why good customer service is necessary to deliver? 62% and 42% B2B and B2C respectively did more shopping because of the good customer service experience.
  • In another situation, it is found that 66% B2B and 52% B2C did stopped purchasing the products because of the bad customer service experience. The above facts essentially states the importance of the customer service in the business. The complete brand value of the company is based on the customer satisfaction. There are certain pointers to consider, helping to measure the image of business in the market.
    Few to highlight:
  • The customer service quality offered to the users describes the image of the company/ brand.
  • The satisfied and happy customers are likely to trust the brand to use the service/ product again.
  • The unsatisfied customer would go for other options in the market instead of reconsidering your brand for the same product/ service.
  • For the brands, it is important to deliver the phenomenal customer service. It is an opportunity for the brands to improve their services, retrieve the old customers and earn the new ones.

When we are already discussing the impact of the customer service on the business, how does the chatbots help to improve?

Chatbots and the improved customer service

Quick solutions to the customer’s queries

The good customer service experience happens when the quick solutions are provided to the customer’s issues. Through the chatbots, the automated customer service makes it easy for rapid answers to the user’s query. Going the digital way to improve the customer service makes it easy for the business to satisfy their users.

There are times when the quick and rapid solutions are required to the emergency issues and the chatbots can help to provide the best customer service. The instant help through the chatbots benefits the business to handle all kind of the issues in the shortest span of time.

One-time investment with secured ROI

To develop a chatbot essentially costs a lot but it is the one time investment with the guaranteed ROI. How does the chatbots differ from the human for the customer service? Well, consider hiring a human for the efficient customer service.

The amount of investment of time, and the efforts is immense to train them compare to training the chatbots. Trained chatbots saves the cost as well as time. Chatbots can be also be called as ‘automated customer service agents.

Highly responsive chatbots

The Natural language processing (NLP) and Machine learning (ML), potential of AI, allow the chatbots to answer the issues unlike the human is able to. Based on the research of the Forrester report 2017, to enhance the conversation with the customers, businesses are integrating the automatized customer service.

The Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots with the ML and predictive analysis power are capable to reciprocate the customer needs through analyzing the context, customer queries and their preferences. These developed chatbots control the power of the already installed AI, making it smart with the moving time.

Better customer interaction and the engagement

Chatbots are developed and trained to engage in the friendly conversation with the customers. Though the bots are quite active, therefore are able to respond all kind of issues, queries with the apt solutions. The friendly nature makes the customers to stay on the website to stay a bit longer time.

AI powered chatbots intuitively acknowledge the customer’s browsing behavior, preferences as well as interests. Based on this acknowledgement, chatbots respond to the customer’s questions, issues, suggesting the relevant solutions, appreciative often. In the simple words, chatbots can up-sell and cross-sell the products efficiently.

Adaptive and reliability

Even within the limited resources, chatbots are adaptive enough to respond the customer queries. The AI powered chatbots first learn the process for how the customer interact. This means the training staff and the need to employ them to speak the native language will be in no need.

Final Words…

Chatbots possess the exceptional abilities to multi task and responding the customer queries with ease. Customer engagement with the help of chatbots makes it easy for the business to connect with the old as well as the new one.

The professional chatbot development company provide the opportunity to the business to work on the interaction model thereby executing the conversational interfaces to boost the revenue stream.

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