Seven Success Secrets From The World's Top Programmers

2019-07-30 by Alex Jone

A programmer is nothing less than a  valued intellect these days. They are the people responsible for the development of the interfaces that you interact with when you open your laptop, smartphone, TV’s, etc. These are the people that have given birth to the modern age of computers science. Programers simplify user interaction with the computer by developing an operating system, Softwares, websites, frameworks, etc.


It's not easy being a developer or a programmer. You have to work really hard to even develop a simple application. In this modern age, technology-driven app-based ecosystem programmers are in high demand. However, it is difficult to find the right match in sync with your developmnet needs.


For getting the developer of there choice firms from across the globe are looking towards India. To hire Indian programmers has been on the priority list on many MNCs these days.  Well, the reasons for that are obvious. India has emerged out as one of the world’s largest IT hub and the programmers here are really skilled and hardworking. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness brought by Indian talent incentivizes these global firms to hire an Indian programmer.


If you too are a programmer or have just started to code then we have got something that might suit your area of interest.  The search for some effective some tips and tricks to be a successful coder would surely be on your mind. In that case what would be better than learning from the experiences of Worlds best programmer.


Excited? Well, you should be as we are going to discuss the Seven Success Secrets From The World's Top Programmers. Don’t miss them if coding is something that drives your passion. Let’ go then:



For any smart and skilled programmer, it won't be that difficult to come up with a solution to a big problem. However, being able to understand the concept does not mean that you will be able to easily implement the code. The code of these big problems usually gets pretty lengthy and hard to manage. That is why even the best programmers and developers in the world document their code. And by documentation, we mean writing a self-describing code. For that, you use self-describing variables, so that you won't forget them while coding. You can also divide your code based on its functionality by using comments. Add comments when you feel like the code is getting complex or just simply add code to describe every part of the code.


You will be glad that you documented your code when you will be updating it after a long time. It also makes debugging a lot easier. So yeah its better to write a self-describing code instead of making mistakes in the future and wasting your precious time debugging it.


Get Your Application Out Faster

We not implying that you should release a finished product before you have to. There is think called MVP (Minimal Vial Product) in the community. According to this, every developer must first create a basic functional application. This application is used to get user reviews and check wheater everything is functioning properly. This is a great way through which you will know whether your application will hold up in the market or not.

After you have received user reviews and if they are positive then you can further work on developing a proper product out this minimal viable product. This way not only you reduce your chance to fail, but also test your application for bugs and loopholes. We highly recommend you to develop an MVP before a complete product.


Language Agnostic

As a developer, you don't want to be somebody who is married to a single language or technology. Don't be like java is best, python is best, C is best you have to look at the project requirement to decide which language is best suited. Don’t get caught up in this war of technology preference whether it is a language, framework, etc. So be language agnostic.


Don't Be Afraid To Experiment

A sign that you are a good programmer is that you have must have tried out a lot of stuff. What we mean by trying out is that you must build random programs that pop up in your head. Look at every great programmer like Mark Zukerberg, Linus Torvalds, Tim-Bernes lee, etc. Do you think they did what they are famous for in their first try, no all them has worked on thousands of project and developed various applications before they hit a milestone. So if there is something you want to try out go ahead, worst case scenario you will have to restart your computer.


Simple Over Complex

Now never complex your code try to keep it simple as possible. Use functions, built-in libraries and modules to simplify the code. So always go for a structured and simple code.


Learn Oops

All of the best fourth-generation modern languages now operates on the basis of object-oriented programming. With this programmers are easily able to solve real-life complexities.  


Competitive Coding

It is a great way from beginners to practice industrial level of coding. So check out various competitive coding sites like hackerrank, codevista, etc.

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