What’s New At Shopify: Latest Updates From Shopify In 2019

2019-06-24by Softpulse Infotech

Shopify is an eCommerce platform which is very popular over market trends, Empowering independent business owners across the globe currently, Shopify has successfully generated over 100 billion+ revenue.

In this article, we take a look at some of these new features, as well as how they can be used to grow your business. Shopify development company should know about the latest updates in the Shopify platform, here are the Shopify updates you need to be aware of in 2019.

1. Shopify Shipping Toolkit: A Sales Resource for Shopify Partners

First, Shopify introduces the Shopify shipping toolkit, making that first sale and providing a shipment should be an exciting time for your clients, and managing all the shipping on your own for the first time can be a time-consuming and overwhelming experience.

The Shopify shipping toolkit is a sales resource that will help you the merchants to understand the full details of Shopify shipping as well as how to completely pitch it to your clients.

Mainly, Shopify Shipping Toolkit comprises two resources which help you to know about Shopify Shipping, as well as how to provide a viable solution for your clients.

Pitching Shopify Shipping:This guide pertains to you everything that fits the clients Shopify Shipping, from qualifications to set up, as well as hardware recommendations.

Shopify Shipping 101:This guide highlights the features and advantages of Shopify Shipping which is beneficial for your clients and prospects, also you can include this content into your own branded promotions.

Below is an overview of each toolkit, Mainly there are three Shopify shipping toolkits.

Shopify Sales Toolkit

This Shopify Sales Toolkit will guide you on how to position Shopify to your existing and prospective merchants and show them why Shopify’s hosted ecommerce platform is best for their business.

Shopify Plus Toolkit

This Shopify Plus Toolkit explains to you how to identify the sales opportunities and convey the value of Shopify Plus to the clients. It also contains information that you need for selling to fast-growing and high-volume clients.

Shopify POS Toolkit

This Shopify Point-of-Sale (POS) Toolkit is a complete guide outlining the Shopify POS system also including a basic understanding of the system, its features, and how to position it to customers.

2. Shopify Community: An Enhanced Forums Experience

New thing added on Shopify is the Shopify community. Shopify community gives you an opportunity to connect the ecommerce professionals around the world by providing improved search functionality, and participation rewards.

For clients, the Shopify community is a good place to find solutions to their business problems. Below are four interesting features of the Shopify community.

Search and keyword subscriptions

One of the most notable features of Shopify Community is the users to subscribe to particular keyword mentions through the search subscriptions.

Access to accepted solutions

The community search and discussion board once posted solutions if accepted are elevated for easy access and marked as a solved thread.

Participation rewards

To recognize the active participants can earn badges and ranks when accepted solutions, posts, likes, and demonstrate your expertise to the community.

Multiple languages

Shopify community currently offer the ability to switch the languages and grow your merchant base and also find opportunities to take your business global.

3. Shopify Translated Partner Dashboard

Shopify Dashboard is available in multiple languages. You can choose the languages that you want to use from your profile page with three easy steps.


  • From your Partner Dashboard, click your account name, then click Your profile.

  • In the Details section, you can choose the language that you want to use from the Preferred language menu.

  • Click Save.

Now Shopify partner dashboard providing a translated and localized partner dashboard which helps the partner and clients, who aren't fluent in English can begin building their business on Shopify.

You can easily change the language your partner dashboard by clicking on a setting and then edit profile. Essentially, Shopify offers six languages German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.

4. Partners Go Global launch

Bearing in mind that global is the future of commerce, this January Shopify launched Go Global campaign for their partners. This facilitates clients to help scale their business internationally and let them grow their customer-bases across the borders in France, Germany, Japan, and Singapore.

As a Shopify provides it’s partners to earn 1.5X standard revenue share and in order to support the cross-border e-commerce. Shopify gives you two special offer for partners that will run until 9th November 2019.  

Affiliate link referrals:With each new Shopify merchants located in France, Germany,  Singapore, or Japan who signs up via your affiliate link can earn 300 percent commission bounty over 3 months (100 percent each month). A Limit of 100 merchant referrals per partner is eligible for the increased commission.

Development store referrals:An opportunity to earn 30 percent revenue share of Shopify merchant’s monthly subscription fees for any development store referrals of merchants located in France, Germany,  Japan, and Singapore. An opportunity receive the increased revenue share even after the promotion period ends. All you need is to remain an active partner.


This latest and new interesting features in Shopify will definitely help you to provide better eCommerce solutions. Besides, many challenges that incurred while developing the website, our professional and dedicated developers successfully delivered the website to the client. In case you wish to hire Shopify development services from our experts, feel free to reach us for consultation. We are the best Shopify Development Company India.

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