How To Design An E-commerce Website To Cater To Varied Buying Styles For Boosting Sales

2019-06-21 by Catherrine Garcia

E-commerce business has become a broad realm where several websites and digital portals are serving online customers. The intense competition and changing customers' demands have made this industry much more impulsive.

Designing and maintaining a reliable and easy e-commerce store might seem extremely simple. But in reality, this task is a daunting one because one portal has to fulfil the specific requirements and objectives of different buyers with diverse shopping styles and behaviours.

As a result, entrepreneurs try to build responsive and intuitive e-commerce websites by hiring responsive web development companies that have the potential to cater to different customers coming with varied expectations and desires. Developing a visually appealing product page built with professional help, integrating a hassle-free shopping cart, and intuitive payment systems can be done easily.

However, the real challenge comes where you have to make sure that each and every element of your e-commerce website is fully optimized to cater to different shoppers with varied buying habits. Also, the portal must have the capacity to convert these potential buyers into customers.

Well, it is a bit complicated and tough but we have compiled different kinds of buyers which you can target and customize your e-commerce store in accordance with their specific preferences and needs. Also, it will help you in serving all of these equally which in turn will boost your online sales.

1. Paralysed Buyers: The Ones Who Are Bewildered With Multiple Options

It's good to provide your targeted audience with multiple choices but sometimes it can freeze them and make them paralyzed. Too many alternatives can puzzle these shoppers and they wouldn't be able to take any decision. Moreover, the availability of multiple options could freeze their mind which in turn can result in an early abandonment.

To fix the issue specifically with this kind of shoppers might be a bit tricky. But in order to do it, you need to master the knack of integrating relevant filters which can narrow down the options. This will simplify the tedious process of making a call for confused buyers and help you in creating high-converting SaaS websites.

Filters can trim down the noise and clutter created through multiple product offers, deals, and discounts. Also, this will provide the prospect with specific options tailored to suit their interests which in turn can maximize the chances of a purchase.

2. Inquisitive Customers: The Ones With An Eye For Every Detail

These buyers are extremely detail-oriented and are keen to know each and everything about the product prior to making a decision. So, to cater to this kind of shopper you must make all the product information easily accessible on your e-commerce portal. Also, pay attention to highlight each and every detailing so that they can get a complete idea.

Moreover, try to integrate high-end images of your products from multiple angles. Showcase some good as well as bad reviews as inquisitive shoppers would explore each and every platform such as social media to evaluate the pros and cons of your product. In addition, try to make the products page even more enriched by incorporating relevant tutorials, suggested links, FAQ sections, etc.

3. Spontaneous Shoppers: The One Who Love Act On Their Instincts & Take Impulsive Decisions

This kind of shoppers doesn't have any interest in pursuing what all you have under one roof. Instead of exploring all the products they prefer to choose the ones with bright and colourful images. Also, they like to see the visuals where real people are shown using those products. In addition testimonials and reviews can also help in grabbing their attention.

In order to connect with these buyers make sure to use bold and vibrant colours, visually appealing pictures, stylish font, and clear as well as engaging content. Try to make them feel proud of having that product and showcase celebrity endorsers if you have any.

Moreover, keep the product descriptions concealed behind tabs so that they can find them as and when required. So, get straight to the point and seize the attention of impulsive shoppers to help you build a robust sales pipeline brimming with quality leads. Leverage a CRM tool which could be your to look after these leads and show them the path of conversion.

4. Hesitant Customers: The Ones Those Are The Toughest To Deal With

Well, to be honest catering to this kind of buyers could be extremely challenging. It's because these potential customers add products to their shopping carts but abandon them later. Also, there are possibilities for them to return and add different products this time but only to remove each one of these a few days later.

So, it's clear that serving hesitant shoppers can be a nightmare but you provide them with a wish list where they can add the products they liked. This will help you to prevent them from abandoning filled carts time and again.

However, with the help of prompt reminders, you can even encourage these buyers to shift those products from the wish list to the cart and finally make a purchase. Also, you can send them emails with special time-limited offers to create a sense of urgency and motivate them for taking the desired action soon.

Considering the specific requirements and expectations of potential buyers coming from these four categories will help you in optimizing your e-commerce portal for better conversions. Also, it will make your website even more intuitive and enlightening to grab quality leads and successfully retaining a diversified customer base.

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