The Most Effective MailChimp Alternatives.

2019-06-13 by Tina Hayden

MailChimp has been the irrefutable leader in the world of email marketing, and you can use the word “MailChimp” and “Email Marketing” correspondingly.

Because of its user-friendly interface, and an impressive cluster of features, MailChimp has been the dominant email marketing tool over the years. This tool is so popular that it was used to send over a billion emails last year on Black Friday.

From the very early days of CRM, some businesses have struggled to adapt and operate the CRM software. However, with growing use and reliance on mobile technology, companies have started using mobile CRM solutions, which reflects in the donut graph below-
But it does not mean that it would necessarily work for you and your business as well. Just as every company is different, so is every tool.

After a detailed analysis of many e-mail marketing tools, we stumbled upon some fresh and promising alternatives to MailChimp. These tools seemed like they could be the solution we were looking for.

And we compiled a list of seven MailChimp competitors or alternative tools for your business. Before compiling this list of devices, we made sure that these tools must have the features which are offered by MailChimp.

Marketing 360
Infusion Soft
Constant Contact
I contact

1. EngageBay

Enagagebay is one of the best MailChimp alternatives; it has all the features that we need for e-mail marketing; let’s talk about its extensive features to have an in-depth look at its functionality and reliability:

Sales and CRM – You can easily organize all your business emails, contacts and you can also track leads for boosting your sales. Build significant customer relationships that stay for a long time.

Automation – you can automate your entire marketing, you don’t need to have a large human chain to run your marketing campaign, and you can effortlessly manage your campaign.

Customer Service – Everyone needs fast and responsive customer service, Engagebay provides customer service which tracks and prioritizes the queries and solves tickets in minutes.

Integrate your favorite tools –

Engagebay does allow you to integrate the tools you want like – Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool, which helps companies to attract visitors, convert leads, and potential customers.

It empowers you to transform your business website into a magnet. You can create content and optimize it for search engines, and you can also share it on social media platforms. You can create workflows and add calls to action, personalized email and a personalized text. That’s how you can increase productivity.

E-mail- You can send personalized emails using this tool, and you can automate the entire process.

Websites– You can create your website landing pages using its drag and drop editor.

SEO– Search engine optimization will help in increasing the visibility of your website.

Marketing Automation– You can automate the entire marketing process, so you do not need to have a dedicated team to manage all these things.

Analytics– It allows you to analyze the data and identifies loopholes which you can fix and increase your productivity.

3. Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a marketing platform specially designed to provide services for eCommerce stores, enterprises, small businesses, & entrepreneurs and increase sales to grow their company; Marketing 360 will also help you organize contact information and arrange tasks associated with their leads and clients.

The best part about Marketing 360 is that they provide an overall solution for you. If you face any issue related to it, you can simply give a quick call or drop a quick text, and they resolve the problem right away.

It does not take much time to set up this CRM and understand its functionality; it works perfectly for our business. CRM has been a turning point for many corporations when it comes to services & products; the Marketing 360 platform offers these all.

Marketing 360 can design & manage your business website. Usually, it takes 2 and a half weeks to create and make it live. You can contact back if you are not satisfied with website work until it goes live.

Marketing 360 assigns a project manager to give you any update or rectify any error.

Once the website goes live, the executive can run your marketing campaigns on your guidance.

Marketing 360 helps to design all your company ads for Google, various social media platforms, etc. and they drastically help you drive the traffic!

4. InfusionSoft

Infusionsoft by Keep was founded by Clate Mask and brothers, Scott and Eric Martineau in 2001.

Infusionsoft is software mostly used by small businesses. It allows you to organize and customize service and increase the productivity of your business.

Some of the most prominent features of this platform are:

Marketing automation

Sales pipeline
Lead scoring
Online sales & payments
It helps you expedite product branding, development and marketing of its new CRM for small businesses.

Infusionsoft offers subscription-based services on an integrated platform that enables small businesses to pull up the data related to sales, marketing, payments, leads, customers, etc.

It performs automated campaigns & provides real-time customer updates. Users can also maintain the client’s database.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most reliable MailChimp competitors; this Email Marketing tool is built to help your online store grow. And it also finds you newer clients, keep them involved, and engaged through automated emails. It offers everything that you need to convert business leads into conversions.

Constant contact offers features like –

Email Templates
Tracking Tools
Contact Management

6. I Contact

If you’ve used other email marketing platforms earlier, the iContact cab is a perfect choice for those who seek 24*7 support — then you can directly call, email, or a quick chat to get help from their experienced support team while having any query.

No HTML required

Its drag-and-drop website editor allows you to reformat template for desktop and mobile means emails look great across all devices.

7. Robly

Robly is an Email Marketing Service Provider based in New York City. Robly mostly focuses on small businesses and provides marketing automation services to them. Robly has created productive tools such as OpenGen and the AI-enabled mailing technology known as Robly AI.

It helps you grow your list up to 5 times by replacing your traditional sign-up widget with an Exit-Intent Pop-Up.

You can get 24/7 support through Email, chat, or call.

You can send personalized emails to your clients as Robly A.I. Sends your emails individually, at the specific moment that the subscriber checks their inbox.

We have analyzed some e-mail marketing tools, discussed all the features and described everything about how they could be beneficial for small businesses as well as large corporate firms.

Instead of investing a large amount of money into a dedicated marketing team, a simple tool could offer much more while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Now we leave the final decision to you to choose the best marketing tool which meets up to your business expectations.

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