5 Strong Reasons To Avoid Free Web Hosting

2019-05-23 by Liza Kosh

Still striving with the low conversion and traffic rate on your website? Well, you never know your free hosting is the real culprit behind this!

Your website is perhaps the strongest mode of promoting your products and brands, which is the main reason you should emphasize its performance. Believe it or not but your audience is always influenced by the loading time of your website, which primarily depends on the type of hosting.

Most of the people around the world prefer relying on free hosting that could save a few bucks but eventually may be the worst decision in the long run! Dive in here to know why you should never seek free hosting and choose a premium one for your business purposes.

1)    The Free Hosting Isn’t Actually Free

You don’t know when your hosting provider floods your website with unnecessary advertisements that cover up your entire content. Sounds nasty, isn’t it? They actually force you to purchase the premium membership so as to get access to numerous facilities. You don’t get enough space to publish the content that can engage your potential audience, which is again a major drawback.

Some of the free hosting providers offer you only limited space like 200mb, which isn’t sufficient to cater the diverse needs of the clients that are always expecting great content. You are not the owner to your website in other words! On the other hand, if you go for a premium website hosting, you get ample features and almost unlimited space to publish the content.

A premium hosting isn’t just limited for a single website; you can make numerous websites live using your paid membership of hosting. This means you always get the right performance, better storage space, and a brand name in your domain. All these aspects contribute to a conclusion that free hosting isn’t something for the ones that need to establish themselves in the market as a renowned brand.

2)    Free Hosting Contributes to Increasing the Bounce Rate

One of the biggest reasons you should avoid free hosting is the fact that it leads to enhanced bounce rate. Users are always in a hurry to get the relevant content else they leave the website. It doesn’t matter whether you are providing adequate information or relevant content; if your website isn’t loading fast, users will definitely leave the page.

As per the digital marketing experts, one can actually get a boost to the conversion rate and improve the bounce rate by relying on a premium hosting. The hosting that you purchase from a reputed reseller actually offers quick loading as the servers are of high quality and don’t have much load. This contributes to the quick loading of your website.

So, if you are unable to figure out what’s wrong with your website; emphasize initially on the type of hosting that you are using.

3)    Decreases Your Online Repute

No one would ever rely on a brand that simply can’t afford a personalized domain and a premium hosting. Building trust over potential clients is something that requires an adequate focus on promoting your website.

Websites that are using free domains and hosting are the ones that simply cannot gain much attraction in the global markets. It is a fact that a third-party name in your domain could ruin your repute in a way that it takes a lot of time to build the same among potential audience.

A website with a personalized domain name and better performing hosting could be the perfect way to build repute in the market, which again helps in improving the conversion rate.

4)    Inadequate Performance

There are ample of people out there just like you if you also prefer free hosting, which increases the load on the free servers. This results in the inadequate performance of your website. One can face issues related to the loading speed and sometimes they have to deal with the server down issues.

It is mandatory for an individual to emphasize establishing a brand name in the market by delivering better quality services and great user experience through a website. There is no point you can expect better user engagement through a website that isn’t able to deliver outstanding performance and great user experience.

It is essentially important for you to invest in getting a premium hosting that can lend a hand in getting the right traffic and makes your website perform better. You actually get double benefits from a website that is loading fast with minimal downtime. One can increase the conversion rate as well as decrease bounce rate at the same time.

5)    Zero Customization and Probably no Support

You can’t just blame the free hosting providers if your website isn’t working or the server down issue is annoying you. One can just hope that the server is fixed at the earliest so that your website keeps on running without any hassle. Apart from this, there is no way you can reach the service providers if there is a need for customization in your website, which is again a major disappointment.

You cannot imagine client engagement on a website with minimal functionality and poor loading speed. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to emphasize more on adequate bandwidth for the quick loading of your website.

One can expect better customization and service support only in case of a paid hosting and one can actually do nothing when they are relying on free hosting. It would be a great decision to compare the available hosting that can help in establishing your name in the market with a website loaded with features without compromising on the performance.



The aspects mentioned-above actually depict the issues with the free hosting and the need to rely on a premium hosting. You can prefer a hosting reseller that can provide you a premium hosting without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, the next time you think of engaging users to your website, you have to make sure your hosting isn’t something that can cause any glitch!

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