Does Your E-Commerce Website Need A Redesign? 5 Tips For Making It Better

2019-05-21 by Jane Koval

If you wonder whether your website needs a redesign, the answer is “Yes!” You can always make it better, so if you want to improve its performance, a redesign is a good idea. The number and type of changes will depend on its current performance as well as your goals. The important thing to consider here is that you need to make the right redesign. Simply changing the color scheme won’t help you any, so you need to focus on determining what’s important first.

5 Tips for Effective and Cost-Efficient Website Redesign

1.   Study the data first

You should always start by using tools like Google Analytics or Yahoo Web Analytics to evaluate your current website’s performance. It will be best to use more specialized software as well, so you can get a better insight into which parts of the website get the best response.

You need to understand this not only to see which areas can benefit from the redesign but also to know what works best. Use this information to develop basic layout plans that include all features your visitors are most interested in.

2.  Reconsider your host

A slow website is killing your business much faster than it loads, at least this is what consumer research shows. As a big part of your website speed is determined by the quality of your hosting service, so you need to consider moving to another provider when you want to upgrade your site.

There is also the matter of design itself to be considered. If you aren’t going to hire a professional agency to do the work, you’ll need to ensure that you get access to an awesome online website builder. This solution is usually offered by top hosting providers. Therefore, take it into account when choosing the one for your newly redesigned site.

3.   Add better visuals

One area of website design that could always use some improvement is the visuals. As the visual content is becoming progressively more valuable, investing in this particular part of your website is going to offer the best ROI.

You should be after custom and powerful visual elements, and be sure to add a few videos as well. The need to post top-quality videos is another reason why you should reconsider the hosting when redesigning your website.

4.  Improve your landing pages

Did you know that many businesses use their Home page as the landing page? It’s not surprising that landing pages don’t live up to expectations when this is how people use their concept.

A landing page is a funnel with the sole purpose of converting your leads. Your Home page, on the other hand, is a page that provides general information about your business with a vague hope of getting the visitors to seek out more information at more specialized pages.

Do you see now how using Home, or any specialized website page for that matter, as your landing page reduces your chances of getting conversions? Remember this when redesigning your website and add a few landing pages that are done properly.

5.   Test, test, and test some more

No design is perfect, so you’ll need to test your new website extensively to make sure it’s the best it can be. You’ll need to use tools like Google Content Experiments and Optimizely to evaluate its performance and notice any weaknesses that need to be fixed and improved immediately.

But remember that before you start with the rigorous testing, you need to decide how exactly you are going to measure your website’s success. Choose the metrics that matter for you so you know what to look for in test results and where to focus your further redesign efforts.

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