6 Ways To Humanize Your E-commerce Business

2019-05-13 by Hannah Reeves

E-commerce web development are no exception when it comes to delivering more you need for. In fact, e-commerce is one of the forgiving areas where you simply need to meet basic requirements and elements like site speed, design, positioning, pricing, SEO and categorization can lead to efficiency and success.

With the online shoppers fickling notoriously, many business owners are searching themselves with a quandary. How do you take your businesses online without sacrificing customer service differentiation and delivery through personal touch? Well, its all about creating an online presence that will surpass your customer's expectations.

To figure out where humans can actually fit into this online world can be confusing when it comes to your brand. On one side, you want your potential customers to recognize your brand for the quality and value products and services. For this, you need to invest proper resources and time to create products which are well made and efficiently produced. On the other side, you also wish to make your brand stand out of the crowd. It will not does you anything good if the right people are not trusting your brand than there's no use of creating the best products and services among the competitors.

 • Become Technology-friendly

If you are serious about generating some healthy online sales then you are required to invest in the right technology which is the first step towards tech-enabled business for building a product or service that can be measurable and sustainable. To ensure that your site functions to perfection, try to deliver a superlative user experience as it is imperative that your shopping cart is fast and secure so that your customers don’t leave out with any queries and also there ain't any broken links or error messages.

It is always advisable to make the purchasing experience as simple as possible because in few studies it is found out that one of the reasons for abandoning the shopping cart is to force users to create a are account or jump through multiple hoops to complete a purchase.

• Make Count each Interaction

It is researched that more than sixty percent of users will leave your online store if they will experience any poor or broken company website or app. It really does not matter how well your website has performed in the past. Hence, as long as you have a good interaction you definitely need to make our each one count. Little things like standardizing ease of booking, payment, privacy, check-in, safety and security we can layer in automated communication across the journey to ensure interaction that happens only upon arrival and not throughout the stay or after checkout.

• Innovation is the Key

It is true that the product innovation can be the best fit to stand out from the crowd but it is not always enough. You have to follow through with a great customer experience not just find the buyers to tackle over your competitors. In this evolving world of online e-commerce, diversification of brand plays an important as it evolves as per the competitive differentiation.

You need to pull out at every stop for providing an exceptional customer experience in order to stay ahead of your competitors. It is critical to keep your online brand strategy getting focused on the user experience. By doing this, you can execute the human touch to your business for the products and services.

• Concentrate on your Company Culture

The world is counting on millennials and so it is mandatory to learn how to this discerning group. Hence, in a quest for e-commerce dominance, always be precautious not to lose sight of the people behind the brand - employees. Try to get transparent about the people who make your product or service what can drive an emotional connection to your brand. Pay attention to small details by showing pictures of your team, explain where you collect raw materials from to your customers, show them the measures your brand takes to reduce its carbon footprint and how does that leave a stamp on the world.

 • Get connected through Constant Communication

When you want to get on top, nothing can be better than getting engaged to the customer throughout the whole journey. More often you communicate more it increases your trust so try to communicate from the business to the customer platforms immediately after purchase.

Still, if you want to create long-lasting and sustainable relationships, then make sure to ensure continuous communication and nurturing. It is much easier to market to an existing customer than to grab a new one to try to reach out to your customers by feedback and ongoing. To do so, update all your social media channels and go viral on them. Also, a great product is worth winning half the battle but due to continuous engagement, it can provide some personal touch that can turn a first-time consumer into a repeat purchaser.

• Use Multiple Social Channels

Many businesses are making huge mistakes by using email marketing just as a part of developing a well-founded strategy like it, not the only one which helps to build a connection with the customer. Hence, communication using multiple channels like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, SMS, Push notifications, etc and go searching for a multi-channel tool which can automate processes to bring good results.

Among all, personalized messages are one of the best pillars in terms of excellent customer experience. It is necessary to make the person feel that the business knows who it is and works for their wellbeing. Offer content focused on needs and other products through consulting, remember the anniversary of your client and congratulate on special functions.

Is your Brand Alive?

Be it prior, during or after the buying process, it is critical to curate an experience that can be a representative of your brand and how your customers want to remember you. Establish a unique customer experience by evoking an emotional response which is worth remembering by delivering your product faster. Now that's how you need to speak to customers needs and desires and how you can humanize your e-commerce site. Keep Learning!

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