Enterprise IoT: What Does It Promise In Future

2019-05-08 by Paresh Sagar

IoT has been with us for a time. And it is also playing a concrete role in industries such as health care, education, agricultural, manufacturing and more.

According to the survey, there are around 23.14 billion connected devices ware reported in 2018. and the number is increasing by leaps and bounds.

This article is for enterprises who are not aware of the excellent potential of the IoT app development in their business.

What is Enterprise internet of things(IoT)

Enterprise IoT is the next step in the technology era that lets physical things with embedded computing devices to participate in the business process to reduce labor work and increasing overall business efficiency.

What does the future hold for Enterprise IoT

Things have been producing vast amounts of data non-stop and can give us data whenever we ask for it.

The future of enterprise IoT presents a chance to connect all kind of devices, gather many types of data, and learn from it without having sort it all out first. In the future, we shall be able to learn from things like wind turbines, blood analyzers, and many things we are looking to accomplish.

The current enterprise IoT use cases that are widely popular

Consumers can now adjust their thermostat and can answer their doorbell using Enterprise IoT. In addition, due to IoT one can easily figure out where the electricity goes into lighting, heating, TV, and computers.

Some of the best use cases of IoT is its useful nest in smart offices. Through this, you can regulate the office temperature using IoT sensors. Moreover, you can also turn on /off through IoT devices.

Top Enterprise IoT use cases that will rock in future

The huge single enterprise IoT use case will be in environment control and energy management of facilities.

The data created by the IoT sensors are used for understanding user behavior. In the industrial IoT, it will include having service technicians propose and arrange preventive maintenance for clients operating sensor enabled hardware.

Another use case of IoT will be smart refrigerators and supermarkets will predict the stock and manage the inventory to optimize supply and demand for food items and reduce food waste.

Additionally, deep learning on this data will help researcher and health providers to understand the eating habits of populations which will ultimately prevent the unhealthy trends.

IoT trends in the enterprise will help people who are driving a vehicle or using any public transport system will pass through numerous cameras and checking points to avoid traffic and help to commute more easily.

5G technology

One of the main set back without today is that the devices could overwhelm existing 3G, 4G, and LTE networks as they expand. Hence, low power wide area network like Sigfox have been popping up.

But, 5G is suitable for today’s IoT structure. 5G will be the more powerful and versatile answer to the problems. Let’s not get into technicalities, 5G will be best suited for low-power, low data rate devices in huge numbers.

The main benefits are its ability to handle occasional spikes for high bandwidth pulses of data. It will facilitate an infinite number of things with embedded connectivity.

Machine learning

IoT can produce an unlimited amount of data. For example, one jet engine produces a terabyte of data In just 5 hours. And because a lot of IoT data is unstructured, machine learning is needed to help sort, cleanse, and process the influx of the data coming from sensors.

Hence, machine learning would be a prime component in the future of enterprise IoT.

Data is significant in IoT

By looking at the various use cases, it is clear that the data generated through IoT devices is enormous. Since there are large data generated through IoT sensors, the security concern will also crucial to solving in the near future.

So to design IoT devices keeping the future in the mind will help to deal with it.


All in all, Enterprise IoT is the need for the future. And to be on the top the game in your business, owners will have to integrate IoT in their businesses. In addition, device manufacturers will also have to make sure to build IoT integrated devices to keep up with the pace of technological advancement.

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