Are You Ready To Reach Global Customers With Cloud Computing?

2019-05-07 by Frah Ansari

Ready to reach global customers with cloud computing

Merely a decade ago, the thought of storing Terabytes of data safely was next to impossible. However, thanks to the advent of cloud Server services and the internet for making our lives comparatively easier and comfortable. Helping several IT sectors in a go (eCommerce, telecommunications, and more), they seem to substantially grow in the coming years. Hence, bringing the network and cloud even closer.

Reports from Statista forecasts that global IT spending will amount to 3.80 million U.S. dollars in the year 2019. Reports from other eminent sources further suggest Saas (Software as a service) withhold around 60 percent of the revenue. These services help organizations to flourish enterprises, with higher productivity, and huge operational flexibility. Hence, forming huge opportunities for enterprises to widen their business. 

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Creating such larger dependency, these virtual services forms bridges for easy coordination of work, collaboration, and communication among employees, independent contractors, and business partners. Adding a perk to all the working people it helps them in staying tuned to specific tasks they perform, no matter what devices they are operating and where they are.

Working of cloud computing 

Being an application based software infrastructure, it keeps data on remote servers which can be easily accessed through the internet.

Let us bifurcate its working in two different sections that are back end and back end respectively. Both the sections are interconnected through some form of network, usually the internet.The front end comprises the section used by the client or the user. On the contrary, the back end is “the cloud (virtual)” section of the system and is its crucial part, comprising the databases, central servers, and computers. Each of these systems, have their own dedicated server. Adhering a set of rules, also known as protocols, the central server operates its functionalities. Ensuring seamless connectivity between computers or other devices which are linked through cloud computing, the central server also employs a middleware software. Further, these virtual computing services generally form numerous copies of the data to mitigate scenarios of data loss, data breach, security threats, etc.


What can you expect from the cloud services?

Promising to transform the future of work, cloud-powered connectivity is modernizing the workplace.Today, when almost everything is linked with cloud in some or the other way- the startups and tech-giants can relate these virtual servers to find advanced servers to process, organize, and present data.

Veterans also sum the future of these virtual servers as an association of cloud-based software products. These are further expected to be built as hybrid IT solutions which combine the flexibility and scalability linked with the security and control of a firm's data hub.There is no denying the fact that privacy of data is becoming vulnerable day by day, and so does these virtual servers act as the best security providers.

Nor today, neither will ever these services ask for huge investments. Rather, you only pay for the virtual services that you need. However, you have this all time choice of levelling up anytime necessary. Thus, you really do not need to worry for any kind of data piracy, stealing of data, or breaking down of data.

Having said so, we must heed to the fact that analysts predict the cloud technology is to be massively used by other technologies than computers.

Cloud servers and eCommerce

Speaking of a recent study by experts found out that these services helped SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) to witness a 3.1x cut down in operating expenses and 2.4x hike their employee productivity.

Following which, these servers offer the most important service to your eCommerce venture- Salability. Being one of the mandatory attributes of the cloud. It assists your firm in handling a large number of customers activities and visits in a vigorous way.

Ensuring maximum results, these cloud hosting services prove to be one of the confident ways of handling the increased number of transactions (sales). Not only these, catering the varying demand and scenarios of the industry, but the virtual services also offer scalable structure to your eCommerce business. Hence, enabling upscaling or downscaling the services as per the traffic, demand, and seasonal spikes.


These Cloud computing services play an eminent role in helping customers stick to your website. A recent study justifies that “40% of your customers abandon the webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds loading time.” Eradicating the same issue, it caters you with greater computational power, larger bandwidth, and storage. Moving with your expanding business does not demand you to invest in any kind of hardware or software infrastructure. Thus, helping you with cost reductions. Another perk with these servers is that they are totally disaster repellant. Being highly redundant, they keep the data backed-up and secure.


Did you start cloud computing? Well, how about sharing your favourite solutions?

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