9 Powerful Internet Marketing Tools For Smart Affiliate Marketers

2019-05-02 by Soumya Roy

Marketing tools and websites for successful affiliate blogs

If you are a beginner affiliate marketer working hard on building an affiliate business around your website or blog, this post is for you.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model for many and traditionally it has been used by many brands and bloggers to mutually benefit each other. In this internet-powered age, this is even increasing and many newbie bloggers are using various marketing tools to increase their sales and affiliate income.

Here in this post, we have included 9 such powerful marketing tools that help modern affiliate marketers to consistently increase their sales conversions and profit margin.

Let’s begin.


Buffer is one of the most recommended affiliate marketing tools to efficiently manage your all social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

You can schedule which post you want to publish in which platform and buffer will do the rest for you by automatically publishing those posts that engage your audiences and customers with your recent social media activities.


  • You can easily customize the content for each social media type and publish those posts on all the social media channels at once.
  • You can schedule a publishing calendar for all your upcoming posts and track the performance of them by analyzing the number of clicks, likes, comments for all social media channels.
  • Buffer offers another awesome feature called ‘Pablo' that makes it easy to create beautiful posts for social media for absolutely free.
  • Additionally, another thing that makes this tool popular among affiliate marketers is one of the best customer service facilities.


  • Starter plan - free (3 accounts), Pro - 15$ per month (8 accounts)
  • Advanced plan – Premium - 65$ per month (8 accounts), Medium business - 199$ per month (50 accounts)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google's one of the most popular and most used free analytical tools. For an affiliate marketer, it is very important to track and analyze the traffic of the affiliate website.

Google Analytics helps you analyze your online campaign, measure lead and conversion, find underperforming pages, the location of your site’s visitors and many more.


  • Apart from tracking the visitor's location, you can segment your audience to find out the activities of your visitors for different devices, interests, etc.
  • Being an affiliate marketer you can build a personalized customer profile and create a more specific and targeted affiliate offers and coupons for them.
  • You can track your sales report using Google Analytics by following some simple steps.

Pricing: Free


SEMRush is one of the most popular Competitors’ backlink analysis and search engine marketing tools. Affiliate marketing is now a very competitive industry and to be successful you have to properly analyze how your competitors are performing on search engines, the keywords they are using in their contents, number and quality of backlinks they have acquired. So it is one of the essential tools you must have as an affiliate marketer.


  • With SEMRush, you can analyze the backlinks of your competitors’ sites to compare and implement them in your own link building strategy.
  • You can easily find out the issues related to crawling and indexing of your site and take measures to fix them as quickly as possible.
  • If you run any PPC campaign, SEMRush analyses the overall campaign strategy and provides you with some actionable insights.
  • You can discover how much response (and quality) your posts are getting from various social media platforms against your competitors.
  • Also, you can find out the top performing posts of your competitors, so that you can write better contents on those topics to improve your SERP ranking and increase visitors.


  • Pro - 99.95$ per month, Business - 399.95$ per month


Ahrefs is one of the favorite tools of affiliate marketers and digital marketing experts. Ahrefs provides an in-depth analysis of new and lost backlinks of your site, sites that are linking to the broken pages (404) of your website. Additionally, it also finds out the link opportunities for you by reviewing your competitor's site.


  • Competition Analysis - Find out the number of traffic your competitors are getting for a particular keyword and also the list of keywords your competitors are ranking for on SERP.
  • Backlink analysis - With its huge database of 12 trillion links and 200 million root domains you can thoroughly analyze the backlinks of your competitors and compare them.
  • Keyword Research - Apart from showing the list of suggested keywords on a topic, it shows the ranking difficulty score for the keywords that is helpful in determining whether you should work on those keywords or not.


  • Monthly Plans – Lite - 99$ per month, Agency - 999$ per month
  • Yearly Plans – Lite - 82$ per month, Agency - 832$ per month


Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that helps you understand recent market trends by showing which content is popular among users and on which platform.


  • Buzzsumo is a platform where you can find the most shared contents on various social media platforms and track the performance of contents that your competitors published. Besides, you can generate new post ideas to create top-notch, original, and fresh contents that will become popular among your readers.
  • You can narrow down your search by filtering with infographics, long-form contents, videos, etc. to generate new content ideas. You can also search with a specific website to find out the most popular articles of that on various social media channels.
  • Buzzsumo has both a free and paid version. Though the free version is limited with minimum features, still those provide much useful information related to your affiliate marketing process.


  • Pro - 79$ per month, Enterprise - 499+$ per month


To attract visitors to your affiliate marketing website you need to write eye-catching headlines for each of your contents. In this regard, Coschedule headline analyzer tool can help you create powerful headlines that pull and engage your audience to click through and stay on your website.


  • It gives a rating to your headlines on the basis of sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, readability and the emotional touch that is very powerful to connect with your users.
  • This tool analyzes the word count and also if the words used in the title are common or uncommon that excite visitors to click on the title link.
  • It also examines the keywords’ position that gives you a clear idea of whether your title will create an impact or not.
  • Apart from headline analyzing, Coschedule offers various marketing strategies like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. at one place.


  • Growth - 80$ per month, Enterprise - 1400$ per month

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free keyword analysis tool that provides the search volume and the competition of the keywords. This is a powerful tool for every marketer, especially when they run paid advertising campaigns.


  • This tool is helpful for affiliate marketers to properly research the profitability of various niches, products, and services through its keywords. Though the keywords’ data they provide for free is limited but still helpful to figure out the broader picture.
  • You can enter any competitor’s domain in your industry to get a list of profitable keywords on the niche to create contents around those to grow your affiliate marketing website and increase your profit.

Pricing: Free


Canva is a perfect tool for the bloggers and affiliate marketers to create designs, infographics, and images with a minimum effort. You can also edit the photos, add texts to images, and resize them according to your site’s design.


  • Using Canva, you can design attractive images for various digital media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, blog, youtube, etc.
  • You can use its free stock images to create any graphics you want without spending money on graphic designers.
  • Canva has both free and paid plans. However, the free plan provides you with adequate features to match your needs unless you are a professional graphic designer.


  • Free plan
  • Paid - 12.95$ per month


Being an affiliate marketer you need to do a lot of research and analysis jobs. You have to have clear ideas about how your site gets traffic, what influenced your visitors to buy the affiliate product or service you offered, and what strategy you can plan and apply in the future to bring your customers back.

Clickmeter is a lead and conversion tracker that contains more than 100 features to track and optimize your campaigns.


  • Clickmeter provides you with a more effective campaign strategy by showing conversion rates of each of your links.
  • You can use its complete analysis report to check the location of your traffic, the number of times people are clicking on your affiliate links, etc.
  • With Clickmeter, you can create custom links and use them in your ad campaigns to generate real-time reports. Clickmeter has both free and paid versions but the free version is limited for 1000 links.


  • Medium - 29$ per month, x-large - 349$ per month

Wrapping up:

If you are new to affiliate marketing and thinking of making a huge profit from the beginning, you are probably daydreaming. Instead, initially, this takes time to pick up the growth.

Instead of focusing on sales and profit, you should focus on building a community around your blog that gets huge organic traffic. And for this, you must learn SEO and how to optimize your contents to grow the visitor number steadily.

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