5 Development Tools With A Cloud Interface That Makes Sharing Easy

Cloud storage has made storing files and sharing projects easier than ever before. Clunky hard drives, easily misplaced flash drives, and the endless upload-download loop are quickly becoming outdated with the advancement of this great tool. Many development tools now include cloud storage for easy sharing and collaboration. Here are five tools to consider for your next project.

1. AWS Cloud9

Though this tool’s name may be complicated, the service itself is not. The cloud-based development tool lets you write, edit, and debug your code all from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with a web connection.


In addition to sharing tools, the tool makes collaboration easier than ever. Once you’ve shared the code with your team, you can track their input in real-time, so you can see changes as they come and make suggestions (or your own edits) as necessary.


The best part about this web-based tool is just that: it’s web based! That means no special software or downloads are required. Instead, the interface utilizes your web browser, making the development process more streamlined and simple than ever.


With tools for over 40 programming languages, your design process is sure to benefit from using this simple yet powerful web-based development tool. The cloud storage makes it all the more efficient!

2. Code Envy

Code Envy is a cloud-based development team platform. It allows users to share workspaces with anyone on any operating system, store and work on projects in the cloud or on their own device and makes collaboration easy with permissions and sharing tools.


When you’re developing with a team, it’s important that sharing and collaboration be as seamless as possible. Using cloud-based services ensures that everyone is updated on any project changes or requirements and that files are able to be shared with anyone; even remote team members.


Code Envy is one of the top-rated cloud-based development services currently in use today. Its user base includes companies such as Nuxeo, LiquidHub, and Fabric.com. The tool offers a single developer, team, and enterprise-based packages, each varying pricing and cloud storage space.  You can purchase additional RAM and storage space for those resource-heavy projects as well, so no matter the scope, Code Envy has you covered.

3. Axure RP

Axure RP is a wireframing and prototyping tool, and a must-have for any development team. You’ve never seen a wireframe interface like this one, complete with animations, adaptive tools, team tracking tools, and cloud-based storage and sharing tools.


Axure has earned a solid reputation as one of the top development tools on the market and is used by a large percentage of Fortune 100 companies. If that’s not enough to persuade you, consider the fact that Axure services over 25,000 clients worldwide.


When it comes to cloud wireframe tools, Axure is the industry leader. With over 16 years in the business, the site has grown into a force to be reckoned with. If you’re using a wireframe in your design process, you’ll want to try out this great web-based tool.


With three design packages and competitive pricing, you’ll find that Axure exceeds standards in its pricing model as well as its tools. A team subscription only runs at about $49/month, but you also have the option of purchasing the software itself.

4. Code Anywhere

Code Anywhere is a great cloud-based development tool that allows users to create and edit code directly from their browser. With cross-platform compatibility, you’ll be able to use this great service no matter what OS or browser you’re using.


With over 75 coding language tools included, the platform supports whatever language you like to code in, with support and cloud sharing tools for easy sharing and collaboration with team members and clients alike.


The platform boasts a wide user base of over 1.4 million developers (that’s right, million). It’s used by some big names such as CNN and Salesforce, with a reputation that speaks for itself. The platform offers five different packages, including a free trial package. The business package is only $40/month, making the service affordable as well as capable.


Overall, Code Anywhere has everything you could want from a cloud-based tool. Collaboration and sharing are seamless, projects are professional, and the interface has customizable color schemes so you can make it completely your own.

5. Orion

Last but certainly not least, is Orion. This open source, cloud-based development tool has some powerful features that help it stand up against its paid competition. With a powerful code editor and customizable interface, this tool is more than just pleasing to look at.


The tool’s cloud-based interface makes sharing seamless. You’ll never have to worry about lost files, everything is saved and easily accessed within the cloud. When it comes time to collaborate, simply share the link and your team members can view your project in their browser.


The tool also includes several useful plugins, such as Double2Single and Snippet. The best part about the tool is it’s free to use! That’s right, being an open source tool means that you can use the software for free. Donations are always, welcome, of course.


Orion is a tool that proves that price isn’t everything. With powerful plugins and code editors, this tool is just right for the beginner or experienced developer alike. You’ll find it’s easy to navigate and does everything you’d expect a code editor to do.

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