What Is Augmented Reality Technology And How Do AR Works?

2019-04-24by Stephanie Jackson

The term augmented reality, AR is a term in the field of technology that means the integration of the surroundings that are around you into a computer form of digital interface, and this done by placing the virtual objects on the plain in the real time. The augmented reality is shaping the future of how we perceive and see the things or we can say that how the viewers are getting to see the real world. With the innovation of the digital computer field the advancements have made the augmented reality possible. It is the work of the hardware and the software developers that have made and refined the augmented reality technology. In simpler words and definition we can say that the augmented reality is the blending and reentering of the digital elements.


The augmented reality apps and the tools use the digital animation to a special marker and then it is helped from the GPS in the phones to locate the exact location. The augmented reality process is happening in the real time with interacting the environment around you.


There are some types of augmented reality in the field of technology that have developed along the way.


  • The marker less Augmented reality
  • The marker-based Augmented reality
  • The projection-based Augmented reality
  • Superimposition-based Augmented reality


The augmented reality was being introduced in early 1960 when a scientist introduced a first ever head mounted display. So time after time there were different inventions and people worked on the theories of the augmented reality and made different projects and objects for the developments in the field of AR. As this progress was on, the technology developments were rapidly increasing and the people working in the augmented reality find many things in the latest technology beneficial to them in their developments of different projects and support to the augmented reality based work.


For the augmented reality to work, there are certain parameters that have to be counted in order to be able to develop augmented reality. The AR requires a certain range of data that includes the images, videos, animations and the 3D models. The AR can be seen on many devices like the screens, glasses, and the mobile hand devices and also some wearables like the head-mounted displays.


The major part in the development of the augmented reality is the technologies used in the making of this incredible thing. The technologies included in the making are the, depth tracking and the simultaneous localization and the mapping.


The working of the augmented reality includes: 

  • Projection
  • Reflection
  • Processing
  • Cameras and the sensors


Marker Based AR: 

The primary aim of this type of AR is to get a social visual object and a camera to scan the object. It used the principles of the image recognition that has been mentioned in detail in the digital image processing courses and the practical work. The AR device than calculates the position and the marker orientation to the content it has been used to have. And by this technique the animation for the user’s point of view is generated and initiated.


Marker less AR: 

This is known as the position based AR. All it has to access is the use of the GPS and the types of sensors like the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. These are used to give the exact and the pin point location of the object. The smartphones in these cases are very beneficial as it provides the maps and the directions in the mobile screen and is very helpful.


Projection Based AR: 

The projecting of the light to the surface and allowing it to have a contact at a point, making a kind of holograms. The detections are captures of the user interaction and the projection by the continuous changes that are being made.


Superimposition Based AR:


This is the latest and the modern era based augmented reality that uses the real environment to transform it to an augmented or partially augmented display. The most important and the key role is done by the algorithms of the objects recognition in it. 


No doubt the augmented reality has been a phenomenal introduction the technology and the other fields where the augmentations made can be used to get the important data and use it to the perfection and the benefits of the people and the industries. It has a vast variety of scope where it can be used to make the best and most out of the things in favor of the people using it. This is just the start of this technology trend many more is yet to come in the future.


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