The Benefits Of Working In The Cloud

2019-04-24 by Kevin Gardner

Cloud-based computing brings important benefits in workflow, cost and security.

The Benefits of Working in the Cloud

For many years, businesses needed to work with unconnected hardware. Files would be passed on floppy disks or zip drives. As more businesses were connected to the internet, files could be passed back and forth online, usually as attachments to emails. Now cloud computing is changing the way businesses and organizations in every sector think about their IT needs. Cloud-based computing brings important benefits in workflow, cost and security.

Flexible Workflow

One of the biggest advantages to a cloud computing system is the flexibility it provides to the individual employee. This is especially important for small business owners who have to make quick decisions or employees who travel. Since files are kept on remote servers rather than a personal computer, they can be accessed wherever you are so long as there is an internet connection. Many people have had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night with the solution to a vexing problem. Rather than trying to hold the thought until the morning, you can enter it immediately into a connected device so you can deal with it at work the next day. For a traveling salesperson, information that was once only available at the office can now be accessed in a meeting with a potential client. You will be more prepared to deal with client needs at a moment’s notice.

Easy Collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration has made editing files much easier for groups and teams. Rather than passing a document back and forth via email, the document sits in a remote server. Multiple people can be editing it at once. Edits to the original can be marked to show the person who made the change and why it was made. This technology can also let remote employees sit in on team meetings and edit documents or share ideas in real time. A similar collaboration effort can make meetings easier for employees making client calls. If changes need to be made to a contract, it can be edited in real time with the approving manager taking part in the process.

Reduced Costs

While most businesses and organizations have to work with computers to get things done, very few people would consider themselves computer experts. With cloud-based services, the business is in effect contracting with a team of technology experts to work with them. This means that there will be less hardware, such as servers, that needs to be purchased and maintained by the organization. It also means that a smaller business may not have to hire full-time IT employees. Instead, it can contract with a professional to set up its local hardware while letting a cloud-based service handle its data remotely. Although there will be a cost for access to the service, it will be far less than a salary and benefits.

Improved Data Protection and Security

In the past, a faulty hard drive or computer virus could result in a critical loss of data. A local disaster such as flood or fire could make data irretrievable. With cloud computing, data is often stored on servers in multiple locations so that, even with a hardware issue, data remains protected. In addition, programs that are run through cloud-based services are updated automatically as changes are made. Cloud-based storage services are dedicated to responding proactively to current cyber threat intelligence. As new threats become apparent, software is improved in response and updated without the business needing to think about it. Business owners will have peace of mind knowing that their data is being kept safe by professionals dedicated to that task.

Cloud computing makes organizations more efficient. It gives flexible access to data and files while still keeping them safe. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of getting things done on the cloud.

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