How Important Is Web Design To Ecommerce Success?

2019-04-12 by Chans Weber

It’s easy to assume that substance will always trump style; that the benefits a website provides will outweigh any aesthetic deficiencies it may possess. And while that’s true to a degree, the fact of the matter is that web design and web layout can have a massive impact on ecommerce success. Exactly how much, of course, varies from case to case. Nevertheless, today we’ll explore several important elements of web design as they relate to business web hosting, and explain the role web design plays in creating dynamic ecommerce stores.


Consumer Trust

Whether a consumer is shopping online for advanced lab equipment like

terasaki plates or something more trivial like used baseball cards, you can be certain of at least one thing: they’ll only patronize websites they trust. Establishing trust online, though, can be more difficult than doing so in person. As such, web design has to do a lot of the heavy lifting in this regard. Consumers will judge a website based on its appearance, and if it looks old, confusing, or off in any way, odds are they’ll go elsewhere for their shopping needs.


Design & Functionality

Though many business owners think of a website’s functionality and its design as two separate concepts, they’re actually linked. The way a website is organized and designed can either make it more user-friendly, or detract from its overall functionality. Given that fact, it makes sense to review a number of different design templates and to customize certain aspects so that you can build an effective website that suits your needs.


Images, Graphs, and Pictures

Not only do digital visitors appreciate pictures and graphics that explain products or services, but search engines love engaging images as well! Adding appropriate images with apt keywords and meta descriptions is a small, but meaningful, step you can take toward improving your on-site SEO.


Brand Awareness

True, websites need to be both easy to use and pleasing to the eye. However, for businesses looking to increase their digital presence, their websites should also boost brand awareness. Using branded logos, colors, and phrases and placing them in prominent places throughout your web design will help visitors identify your company in the future. Even if they don’t make a purchase on your site the first time they click on it, a good web design can stick in the mind and plant the seed for future purchases.


Final Thoughts

A good looking yet utterly broken website is a wasted investment. On the flip side, a boring, ugly website that works just fine isn’t actually that much better. If you want to create an ecommerce store that generates meaningful revenue, you have to prioritize its appearance as well as its functionality. Fortunately, good web design is an investment that will likely pay for itself in the long run!

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