Does Domain Age Affect SEO Performance?

2019-04-12by Chans Weber

A business’s website is, arguably, its most valuable asset. Given that fact, it’s no surprise that ambitious professionals value any slight advantage they can gain in regard to search engine optimization (SEO). After all, the higher you appear for lucrative search terms on platforms like Google and Bing, the more exposure (and more money) your business receives as a result. Today, we’ll address one common web-hosting question, namely, does the age of a given domain affect overall SEO performance. And, if so, how much?


Myths Regarding Domain Age

Some business owners prefer to purchase an existing domain name to host a new company’s site than to create a unique URL on their own. The reasoning behind this idea is that because a pre-existing domain is already established, it has a better chance of appearing high up on Google. This is sort of true. While yes, older websites tend to perform better than new websites, most of that is due to other factors that influence SEO. Internal and external links, on-page content, meta descriptions, and keyword optimization all play a part in determining where a website ranks within Google’s algorithm. In truth, domain age is just a small variable within a much larger equation. (Heck, even multilingual content will have some bearing on SEO performance.)


When Does Domain Age Matter?

Domain age is most important when a website goes live. Typically, it takes about three months for a search engine to initially “crawl” a website. That means it’s unlikely for a brand new website to start ranking for key search terms immediately. In practical terms, business owners should recognize this and register a domain name several months before they begin their marketing efforts.


Should I Purchase an Existing URL for My Business’s Website?

Unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast answer to this question. However, in truth, the effectiveness of your website will rest on how well you maintain it –– not its previous SEO activity. Note, one reason you may want to consider purchasing a domain name is if it contains a keyword you know you’ll want to target later. Otherwise, it’s probably a good idea to simply save your capital and invest it into a unique website.


Final Thoughts

Even if domain age doesn’t have a massive bearing on SEO viability, it’s important for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand the dynamics of digital marketing. At the end of the day, the more you know about user intent, CPA vs CPC, and social media marketing, the better off your company will be in the long run!

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