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Adding A Custom DNS Record And Creating Backup Of Website In Windows Plesk


Today if you are using a custom name server for your website then it allows you to run your own name server where it will help to respond to DNS requests for your domains. Not only that you can alsosetup custom name server for branding purpose where it allows you to hide your public name servers. In custom DNS records you have special settings that allow you to change how your domain works.

You can also add custom DNS records for a fully hosted domain as well as a domain set only to DNS. It is all depended on what records you are creating. Having a custom DNS record will help you to have faster servers compared to ISP server where the requests get processed much faster and more smoothly. You also get more reliable servers with better uptime with Options for parental control, with OpenDNS

DNS records serve in facilitating the domain name translation and it helps the visitors in reaching the website online. Whenever a domain name is created in the Plesk, all the necessary DNS records are added automatically. However the Plesk also enables in adding the custom DNS records, as it has been explained below.

For adding the custom DNS record to the domain’s DNS zone, go to the

Websites & Domains tab > DNS Settings > Add Record.

Back Up Your Website

It is always advised and recommended to keep the backup copy of the website in case if the configuration or content is damaged or it is being lost.

For accessing the backup functionality, steps are shown below:

For hosting customers, go to the Websites & Domains tab > Backup Manager > Backup.

A server administrator using the power user view can go to the Backup Manager > Back Up.

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