Greatest Technological Inventions Of All Times That Changed Our World

2019-03-25 by Cynthia Madison

We live in a world of rapid technological development. Nowadays, technology rules our lives on a daily basis. Regardless of the tasks that we need to complete, there is certainly an app, device or online solution to make it easier. However, for our lives to be so simplified by technology, there was a need for years and years of innovation and inventions which have led us to this point of advancement. What we see and perceive today as “normal” looked like science fiction several years ago. Humankind has constantly evolved since the beginning of our life on this planet. Brilliant people who had spectacular ideas have invented things which used to be unimaginable.  It is hard to imagine a world without the internet and technology as we know it today.

All inventions and innovations that humans have created among time were solutions to the contemporary problems of the times when they were invented. Those technologies have provided new opportunities and solve huge problems humanity was facing.  For example, as today we are all dependent on connectivity, the internet and the use of technology on a daily basis are rising trends that are constantly improved depending on the needs and requests of the individuals.

Our world is constantly changing and so are our needs. That is why humankind will never stop evolving with new inventions to its best version until the end of it. Here are the greatest technological inventions which have completely changed our world.

Telephones and smartphones

From carrier pigeons to wired telephones, the way individuals were communicating with each other has been completely changed among time. Hundreds of years ago, no individual could have imagined that they would be able to communicate with other people from the other corner of the world. Yet, the invention of the telephone has brought a new concept to the way people communicate. The telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell while researching ways of teaching deaf people by transmitting sounds with the help of electricity. However, the innovation of the telephone did not stop there. On April 3, 1973, the first call made from a mobile phone was made. There was a long way until the technology has made it possible for us to have the performant smartphones that we have today. Today, phone technology is extremely advanced. Hundreds of years ago people could receive letters and have no idea who sent them. Yet, nowadays, by performing a reverse phone lookup you can get all the relevant information associated with the number such as social media accounts, dating profiles, map location, and much more.


Hundred years ago, people were dealing with the problem of traveling long distances. That is why the invention of automobiles has happened. Henry Ford was the one which has innovated mass-production techniques of automobiles in the 20thcentury. The invention of automobile has triggered dozens of spin-off industries to blossom such as the industry of oil and steel. Nowadays, the way cars are designed has become so advanced that we can already see self-driving cars. The latest technological advancements and artificial intelligence are incorporated in the self-driving cars from today to ensure safety, comfort, and innovation to the drivers.


Flying machines have been dreamt about since the time of da Vinci. Yet, no one could have imagined that they will actually become part of our reality and normal daily basis. Nowadays, millions of people are traveling by plane thousands of miles each day. Moreover, airplanes are considered to be the safest way of transportation. However, the possibility to fly for long distances in less time and carry a large number of people at the same time, technology has been innovated step-by-step to achieve modern aeronautical engineering.


The invention of television has completely changed entertainment and communications forever. It has rapidly developed during the 19thand the 20thcentury. The first TVs which were invented and have reached the houses of millions of individuals represented a large box with black-and-white images. Yet, today, as technology has continued to evolve, almost every household owns a smart TV which is a technological convergence of computers, television, and set-top boxes. Smart TVs have the internet integrated which allows the users to stream music and videos, browse the internet, and view photos.   


One of the most reliable and remarkable inventions of all times is the invention of computers. The first mechanical computer was created in the early 19thcentury. There is no doubt that today, computers are a necessity for all of us and represent a symbolic invention of the modern technological world. Every individual owns a computer or laptop which is used to perform dozens of tasks each day from performing job tasks, socialization, education, entertainment, shopping, and much more. Today’s computers have the latest tech innovations incorporated in them.

The internet

Young generations from today’s modern world have been born in a world where connectivity and technology surround them since early ages. It is impossible for them to imagine a world without internet connectivity and electronic devices. The invention of the internet has completely revolutionized our world and technology advancements. The invention of the internet has led to the rise of electronic mail, instant messaging, two-way interactive video calls, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence

The invention of robots and artificial intelligence is a subject undergoing intense study all over the world. Some individuals fear that we will achieve the time when robots will take control over the world. However, there is no doubt that the invention of robots and artificial intelligence brought dozens of benefits to our world by simplifying our everyday life significantly. Artificial intelligence is a specific area of computer science which aims to create machines that are able to think, work, and act similar or even better than humans.

From the moment when someone rubbed two stones to light a fire to the development of artificial intelligence and robots, it was a long way of thousands of years. Yet, step-by-step, humans have reached a modern era of technological advancement.

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