Best Tips To Make An Augmented Reality App

2019-03-18 by Denny Kelly

In a world where the new age inventions take everyone by surprise each day, the recent version of virtual reality, popularly known as augmented reality is the talk of the hour. The concept of augmented reality encompasses the creation of 3-D virtual images (or rather a whole virtual world), outside the 2-D screens of the user’s mobile/tablet. This idea was conceived long back in time but took a considerable amount of time to be executed properly. Since smartphones are said to cover almost every aspect of human life, the creators and engineers dedicated towards the development of augmented reality technology speak of the vast prospects of augmented reality in mobile applications. So, in this article, we present the best tips to create augmented reality apps.


The first and foremost step of an augmented reality apps development is the selection of the type of application before planning further. There are two types of augmented reality applications, namely, maker based and location-based. Thus, the team needs to decide beforehand for the fruitful execution of ideas and efforts. The maker based versions recognize various images and pictures put through them, whereas on the other hand, the location-based AR applications track the user's location via GPS and create virtual reality objects in the user’s perception of the world.


Secondly, the most important aspect of the development of any mobile application is the main motive behind its creation. There are many mobile applications made and launched each day but only some of them are able to get mass attention and popularity. So, a considerable level of analysis and thinking should go into defining the purpose and target audience of the application being made.

  • IS YOUR APP SMART GLASSES FRIENDLY?- The generation these days is highly demanding of the smart glasses that accompany many AR applications while in use (mainly for gaming). The hands-free advantage surely adds up to the value of your AR application in the market.

  • REALISING IF THE APPLICATION CAN DO WITHOUT THE GRAPHICS OR NOT- Most of the AR apps in the market are gaming apps which incorporate in them heavy graphics and extended the amount of coding while being developed. The same needs to be given a thought of while planning. If the breathtaking graphics are the need for you, you should go for SDK compatible with unity. Unity is the most advanced game engine and is also capable of powering AR apps.

  • ALSO CHECKING THE PLATFORMS SUPPORTED WHILE CREATING IT- We should also consider the platforms compatible with the application, such as android, ios, windows etc. this is also necessary to decide the type of augmented reality SDK to work with.

  • THE NEED FOR SLAM- Simultaneous Localization And Mapping is a trending feature in the AR market. This not only allows the application to work on the basic level of adding virtual objects to the actual perception of the room but also creates internal virtual navigation maps and map the environment around while tracking their own movements in it too.

  • THE COST FACTOR- Every entrepreneurial project boils down to one major factor, which might cause hindrance in its way- the cost factor. Comparison of each reality SDK is necessary while keeping in mind that free licensing is generally limited and commercial ones can be used as per our needs.


Hence, in the above article, we are able to make out the marvel that augmented reality applications create among the users. AR is the thing of the future and is sure to swoop across the markets in every sphere be it business or gaming, household or commercial. So, if anyone is thinking of creating and developing AR apps, this can prove to be a great idea only after a thorough consideration of the above-mentioned points beforehand.

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