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8 Simple Yet Useful Tips On Python Programming
2019-03-11 by  Alex Jone


Python is taught to students from high school; it is right now one of the most popular programming language used in any kind of software. Python programming language is considered to be an elevated open source language, and it can do things in a compact simple and proper way.

In the current scenario, most of the things are run by Python even YouTube and Google. And various companies hire python programmer only. Python has a library which consists of various internet protocols they are XML, email processing, HTML, etc. And there are other frameworks those who support python; they are pyramid and Django; and some micro frameworks such as bottle and flask. Python is commonly utilized in numeric and scientific programs like python and Pandas.

Python language is said to be the most flexible and creative programming language. That's why here we have discussed a few tips and tricks to help you get out of any kind of situation in case of python. Trust us these steps can help you in case of a Python emergency.


1. True and False

Have you ever played games not any high-end game games then there must be something related to graphics in it? And there were times when you wanted to lower the graphics, as higher graphics slow down the operation of the games. But in some cases you may not be able to find the options you need then normally one thing can be done is to look for the configuration file which is generally found in the document folders and then change it. There is an example you can change the Vsync = true or false according to the circumstances. And in case of python, it is a little bit different but possesses a certain similarity to the situation, as in case of this programming language 1 equals To true, and 0 equals to false. So to abbreviate it we can say that while it is zero, you disagree and if you choose one you agree. So it is easy to assign true and false statements byutilizing the "=" sign, and the equality can be checked by utilizing the "==" sign.

2. Modules

There is a positive point in case of Python programming language that is you can create your own module example you can create your own models and functions and couple them up in a separate folder and keep it aside. Generally,  programmers write their own codes which are commonly used by them during coding, and then they convert it into a module all of these goes to that individual folder. By doing this a lot of time is saved as you don't have to write to them again neither you have to debug to check for errors. There are few other reasons why models are important as it helps you in keeping your program manageable and efficient even if their size is huge.

3. Python Performance debug

While writing codes in Python the main purposes to produce an excellent and efficient program which is not only fast but also compact. Sometimes while coding it is difficult to keep the program compact there are tips that can be utilized in this kind of scenario. The thing that can be done to make a program compact as it will run faster, is you can try an alternate procedure of dictating an item while you are handling codes in a dictionary. This actually means that an option of adding an item can be easily chosen to check whether the previously inserted items exist or need an update. And then you don't need to check with every item in the program if it matches with it or is updated after that as it will make the running application much slower.

4. Sets

Sets can be understandable if you are crazy about Maths. There is a lot of people those who don't like utilizing automated software that is where sets come into action. There are various reasons for not liking automated software; what the main reason is security. That is why programmers utilize sets as it is exceptionally useful while creating any kind of database. Specifically when they find any kind of matches, created groups, and some other similar tasks.

5. Py2exe

It is definitely a hassle to execute codes and compile them in any kind of programming language and if you are using Windows then rest in peace. But in the case of Python programming, there is a tip that can be used to overcome this problem. A simple open source program called Pyexe can be downloaded from sourceforge.net.  And by utilizing this program, it can help any programmer in converting their modules into exe.

6. Pip

A lot of people are aware of Pip, but they are not utilizing it for its proper purpose. That is why if you are starting with Python then you need to learn about pip. It is used to check on the sources of a package before that package can be installed. Generally, people utilize this while installing an updated version of any package.

7. JSON-esque

In case of every programming language the more you get into it, the more you will be able to find various interesting stuff. Programmers consider it as medical operations which takes time and patience to find within the hidden depths of these programs. And one of the famously hidden operations is JSON-esque. Utilizing this operation nested dictionaries can be created even without developing sub-dictionaries. And surprisingly these dictionaries materialize into existence as you refer them.

8. Zen of Python

The Zen of Python is actually a Miniguide related to the Python programming language. Various programmers recommend it even if you haven't yet begun programming in Python still it is advised to give it a read.

There are various other hidden treasures within Python programming language but to achieve them you need to work hard and give your time into this language. With time only, you will be able to find more and more essential details and tricks regarding python programming and get companies to hire Python programmer.

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