6 Major FAQs To Help Identify The Best QuickBooks Hosting Provider

2019-03-06 by Lunna Walker

Entrepreneurs and accounting professionals are always on the lookout for an accounting solution that can bring ease into their business operations. And, QuickBooks is one such astounding remedy that has been readily and widely accepted by CPAs and business owners for over two decades now. In recent years, the popularity of QuickBooks was seen trending up, the obvious reason being cloud compatibility.

If you own a small or medium-sized business, you might be needing a smart accounting solution too. Well, what’s better than QuickBooks hosting when it comes to small business accounting needs? You can work on-the-go, you have your books with you 24*7, it is affordable, and a lot more.

But, how to find the best QuickBooks Hosting Provider?

It is simple. If you are new to the cloud, you must be having doubts about your ideal hosting provider. But, asking the right questions before landing on to your final decision can not only save you time but also your money and energy. Here is a list of 6 questions to ask your prospective QuickBooks hosting provider to make sure you are making the right decision:

Question 1: Do you have previous experience in hosting my application?

The hosting provider you have chosen may have years of experience in hosting websites, software, and data for their clients. But, every customer comes with a unique set of needs. You may be needing QuickBooks hosting for your personal or business accounting, and your requirements will vary accordingly. So, when you are choosing a QuickBooks hosting provider, it is best advised to find one who has hosted for similar clients before. This way, your provider will be able to serve you even better.

Question 2: How seriously do you take the security of your client’s data?

There are two reasons why it is vital for customers to ask about security. One, you are handing over your most critical information to a third party. And two, cybercrime is more common than you may have comprehended. In order to safeguard client data, hosting providers should implement physical, technical, as well as administrative measures, such as data encryption, anti-virus programme, secure firewall, fingerprint scanners, security cameras, on-premise security guards, strong policies for password security, etc. Any deviation from security measures should be considered a red flag.

Question 3: Do you offer customer support 24/7/365?

Your hosting provider is partly responsible for your firm’s reputation. You may be running an accounting firm which means you often refer your hosting provider to your clients. You or your clients can face an issue while working on hosted QuickBooks at any moment. Thus, the need for customer support can be felt at any time of the day. Ensure that your QuickBooks hosting provider has a dedicated team of technicians to handle all your queries 24/7/365 so your work can continue without a glitch.

Question 4: How do you ensure the integrity of my data?

Your QuickBooks hosting provider must take complete responsibility for the safety of your data. Hackers are all over the internet and any discrepancy can lead to permanent loss of your data which in turn proves to be really expensive. Your hosting services provider must conduct multiple backups of your QuickBooks files, the data centers should be located away from disaster-prone areas, there should be connectivity all throughout the day, risk management plans must be in place, and the data centers should be fireproof.

Question 5: What is your downtime history?

Reliability plays a key role when you are planning to host QuickBooks. The downtime history of your prospective hosting provider speaks a lot about their services. It disrupts the workflow, delays decisions, and can often give you an unhappy client, especially during the tax season. If downtime is a frequent event, you cannot be sure if it won’t happen with you. Instead, look for a provider who you can trust, has a minimum to nil downtime history, and ensures a streamlined workflow during the peak season.

Question 6: Is your pricing scheme flexible?

There is no point in going for hosting services that are out of your budget area. Look for a hosting provider who offers a variety of plans to choose from and is also flexible with the pricing scheme. You might need selected add-ons to ease your business operations and your QuickBooks hosting provider must let you pay only for what you use.

A Final Word: Choose Wisely

Your hosting provider is your constant partner. Hence, it is imperative that you choose one with caution. He should be familiar with your specific business requirements, should have a basic understanding of your expectations, must have experience in hosting your application, and should be well-equipped with up-to-date technology. Asking the questions mentioned above can help you make the right decision and find a QuickBooks hosting provider that fits.

I am Lunna Walker, a professional technical writer with specialization in cloud technology for SageNext InfoTech. I have panoptic experience in writing about QuickBooks hosting, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting, and ProSeries Cloud Hosting.

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