Cybersecurity For Marketers: Teamwork Is Key To Protect Data

2019-03-05 by mark hascole

Teamwork and collaboration is a road to achieving shared goals. In fact, collaboration and its relative teamwork are basic qualities that every organization needs to have to aim for bigger goals. This can only be possible if departments sync resources and ideas. This should be the case to counter hands-on cybersecurity which is taken lightly by companies. Marketing teams should do a routine check with the IT department during cybersecurity prevention exercises.

There was a time when network security was not a topic of discussion but now its found on every page, website, and company. But with breaches found on multiple industries, now cybersecurity is an alarming concern for small and big giant companies. With time, the cybersecurity deal and acquisition deals rose thanks to some big names in the tech industry. To be precise, from 2017 to 2018 alone, there was a big jump in the cybersecurity mergers that is surprising as multinational companies are outsourcing counters measures to deal with the cyber threat.

The list of mergers and acquisitions goes on leading to new threats and vulnerabilities exposed which raises some serious questions.

The Untold Security Story Marketers Need to Know

Everyone knows that partnership is the road to success by combining resources and connections for all businesses and their marketing teams. But its different for domain hosting providers such as GoDaddy and similar companies. On the other hand, security professionals are rushed to call attention to as marketing and advertising departments are an easy target for hackers who are looking to breach the system and its cybersecurity program.

Advertisers are mostly linked and attached to social media profiles; they share lots of sensitive data over the web through multiple tools that is what hackers are looking for to target. Social engineering attacks use this as an advantage by sending fake requests via email, messaging apps which when clicked on could easily inject a harmful malware into advertisers or marketers PC.

It’s important that advertisers and their clients make use of secure emails in their choice of communication because of marketing teams having a lot of exposure with software programs that majorly require the exchange of delicate client information.  

Company Acquisition Disclosing Security Risks

The dangers of cybersecurity, information breach, and information theft is an everyday ordeal when companies join hands in mergers. The pre and post-purchase disclosure of security risks and lurking breaches are surfaced as more and more loopholes are found by security professionals. Forbes disclosed that near to 40% of the organizations which have been acquired or gone through a merger said to found or were notified of a cybersecurity issue.

That being said, multiple security threats come up while business is integrating its systems for a revamped look. Its more or less filled with bugs and prone to vulnerabilities as being in the trial and error phase. Although the bugs and lags can be fixed, this is a serious concern and corporations should take extra precautions while integrating.

Counter Response with the Technical Departments

With the amount of burden put on marketing teams to accomplish more targets and show constant ROI, teams are always on toes for embracing new innovations which would update their system and processes to work efficiently. But with new tech updates, there comes a hefty number of hazards which are faced by the sales and marketing team. The IT department is responsible for dealing with the companies risks and fixing them.

If you are a security analyst, one of the major responsibilities is to check and ensure that none of the employees is creating havoc for future security issues. This applies to the entire hierarchy of the organization. This is developed as the marketing teams work in collaboration with security audits to remove any doubts for threats.

What Companies Need To Do?

With the current exposure to online cyber threats, companies need to understand the role of teamwork. Teamwork is the only way to delete the threat from the system, but only through collaboration and mutual interest of different departments of the company. Businesses can make use of privacy tools such as VPN or any other protection elements suggested by security analysts.

Marketing and advertising teams should sync in their think tanks regularly to evaluate how to approach cybersecurity during a merger.

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